Bans for players who write Putin Russia's propaganda on chat services

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Bans for players who write Putin Russia's propaganda on chat services

Post by Dr.MonaLisa »

As previously announced in this tweet:

Players who write anti-Ukrainian messages on our chats (forums, Discord, Support Chat, Multiplayer) will be awarded with bans.

For many, many years Putin's regime was using bots and people to spread their propaganda on the Internet. Many people, even from the totally different parts of the World might believe that the opinions they read are true. does not tolerate spreading the Kremlin propaganda, or false / offensive information about the democratic Ukrainian nation and their government. Even though we remember crimes committed by Stepan Bandera, such as Massacres in Volhynia and Eastern Galicia, the current people living in Ukraine can not be judged based on the history of some of their great-great parents.

Vladimir Putin hates the Ukrainian nation, due to their legally chosen direction to be a part of the European Union and the Free World. Every country has rights to decide about their future, and dictator regimes have no rights to tell them what they can or what they can not do. Putin's dream is to make Ukrainian become a puppet country like Lukashenko's Belarus now. People from countries afar from Russia do not understand how terrible it is be to be the part of "Soviets". They've never suffered the hunger, living in the extreme poverty, without the basic human rights and in the continuous fear. This is the main reason why Ukraine fights so hard for their freedom, because they know how it is to not have it.

In the past few days, I noticed some anti-Ukrainian messages on our chat services, which always came from players who are considered in the community as "not too intelligent". These players usually come from exotic countries, but there were also pro-war messages from two Latvian players, who are in the country which is the part of the European Union and the NATO. It's sad, but we can only assume that they are simply the victims of watching Russian TV channels.

No players were currently punished for these messages, but services have to take additional steps in order to protect our mainland continent.

Since 01.03.2022:

- Players who send:
* Offensive, false or misleading information about the Ukrainian nation or government.
* Supportive for the current unreasonable, unprovoked and unjustified invasion of Ukraine.
* Any Information from the Russian propagandic media, related to the Ukraine or safety.
* Links to videos and other media that show false, manipulated or recorded for propagandic purposes content.

Will be banned for the indefinite period of time, without the possibility to appeal.
The Department of Justice of the Ministry of Game Affairs is excluded from monitoring these events, but I will be trying to provide additional evidence on requests of the Minister.

Discussion about the current war situation is still allowed, but every information needs to be verified, and can not contain messages that approve this illegal war.
I am extremely sorry that we have to add some kind of censure to our services which were always allowing players to express their opinion on any subject, but Kremlin actions can not longer be tolerated and left without defense.

I probably used many not suitable words in this post, but I hope every player who knows the situation understood why these decisions were made, and what we are fighting for.

The list of banned players will be posted below:

Since 2023-03-24: fremder (Discord: israel ephraim maxi#5547) viewtopic.php?t=5700
Since 2023-03-24: TooEasy4MyLvL (Discord: StefanStefanStefanStefanStefanSt#1288) viewtopic.php?t=5700
Since 2023-04-03: EWBJ viewtopic.php?t=5703
Best regards,
Ministry of Game Affairs
Department of Control and Complains

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