Frontiersmen vs light cav opening epoch 5 start med pace

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Frontiersmen vs light cav opening epoch 5 start med pace

Post by Googol »

Frontiersmen vs cav opening .e2s
(2.3 MiB) Downloaded 13 times
Do at your own risk,
empireearth2://decode-downloader-ee2-pl ... hp?id=1804

Beware the cost, they are actually very expensive tin-wise i did not realize at first, not initally my plan in the beginning of the match.
It was just a quick decision whilst having the first barracks built, otherwise i recommend to put atleast 2 on tin during the civ power phrase in the beginning.

I do not recommend playing this at all against Western civs or Mesoamerican civs due to the convert feature as you can see in the game i was wary to raid back because of it, you could try and bait the mesoamerican player to waste the civ power and then go in.

In regards to western civs the problem lies with getting outclassed heavily in terms unit spam, if the inital build remains the same.
EE2_ScreenShot_2022-07-17_22.25.57.998.jpg (259.19 KiB) Viewed 715 times
EE2_ScreenShot_2022-07-17_22.26.05.889.jpg (280.16 KiB) Viewed 715 times
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