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I have officially interrupted the cooperation with the EE4 MoD developer

Posted: 31 Jul 2021, 02:05
by Dr.MonaLisa

I need to describe an unfortunate situation that happened today on EE4 MoD Discord.

The EE4 MoD developer has censored / removed my messages where I was trying to help players with the problems.

My final message was also removed:
Listen, I don't want any fight, but some things need to be clarified, and best if it's public. I only tried to help and answered to some questions about the crash. I provided the screenshot to the crash code in assembly. I think it's a totally normal thing to do. Another thing I answered for the question about which fine contains the entries to translate. I couldn't know it's not supposed to be translated. But instead of removing messages, you can quote and write: "it doesn't need to be translated". Someone is spending time trying to actually HELP the other people, but you want all questions to go by you on private. This is fine, but you sent 2 of the same questions to me in this channel, just because I didn't answer for 5 minutes (I was in toilet). Then you tried to show like it's me "flooding" the channel, but it's you who asked me something. When I answered you deleted EVERYTHING, and you teached me on private message that I should not discuss these things in public channels. And at the end you're like "I'm the admin here". You know what, I'm not conflictious person and I'm always helping with EE2-related cases, but what you're doing is totally disrespectful towards me.
In short I'll show the timeline of the case:

1. RGV1 has contacted me to report a "problem" with 1.5 patch (developers version) included on the newest version of EE4 mod. I quickly verified the crash based on the "EIP" crash code 0050dc04h, that it's caused by the missing text entry for AI taunts in the English version translation.

2. After it was confirmed, I posted a message in the EE4 MoD Discord channel, to other users who were asking about the same problem.

3. After that RGV1 asked me new questions in private messages. I didn't not reply for 5 minutes (toilet), and he copied the same questions in that Discord channel for me to answer. I answered.

4. Next thing, RGV1 "accused me" of talking about bugs with other users, and "taught me" that all problems should go "through him":
Screenshot 2021-07-31 011804.png
Screenshot 2021-07-31 011804.png (108.19 KiB) Viewed 3601 times
proof of it:
Screenshot 2021-07-31 012225.png
Screenshot 2021-07-31 012225.png (18.41 KiB) Viewed 3601 times
... this would be all fine if there wasn't a huge hypocrisy in it. He was the one asking the same questions in two places (private messages and that channel).

5. The next thing was my fault. Instead of giving up on this guy, there was another question from the community about the file required to translate. I gave the details after RGV1 ignored the question. This message was very quickly removed. The reason of it was that he had a different plan (removing text entries instead of translating). But for God's sake, it's disallowed to quote a message to clarify things? It's fine to censorship the whole Discord and disrespectfully remove messages?

So here it continued:
Screenshot 2021-07-31 012604.png
Screenshot 2021-07-31 012604.png (143.06 KiB) Viewed 3601 times
A cherry on a cake is that "HE IS THE ADMINISTRATOR", so he can remove posts, do whatever he wants.

(These messages were actually to be deleted, because it was a total off-topic, but triggered by the illegal events made earlier).

I'm not a cocky person, but knowing how much I have done for the community I will not accept being censored on any community related service. This is totally disrespectful to remove somebody's messages.

During all years when I'm moderating forums, chats, discords - I have not removed any legal player's message. The freedom of speech is very important.

I know that any admin can make their own rules and delete whatever they want, but users (like me) don't need to agree with it.

What I decided is to:

- Block EE4 MoD developer from my contact form.
- Block EE4 MoD developer from UP1.5 Discord, as an answer to the messages censorship.
- Provide help to players regarding the UP1.5 Developers Version installation, but without extra help EE4 MoD installation specific. Just the basics as they are.

What will be kept:

- The EE4 MoD download links will be kept on the Downloads Page, but not promoted anymore on EE2News Media (Twitter, Facebook).
- Forum account nor EE4 MoD topics will not be removed. I will never intend to harm the community, even if I disagree with developer's behaviour.

For these thinking that I overreacted with this topic:
There was a similar situation where I got attacked with disrespectful messages from EE4 MoD developer around 1 year ago. Since as I said I'm not conflictious by nature, I managed to resolve the problems in a diplomatic way and continued helping with UP1.5 Developers Version integration to EE4 MoD.
So it's not like I didn't give the second chance.

But I won't waste my time for the other EE2 mods if I'm getting censored by the Developer in a worst possible way.

At the end I would like to add that I respect RGV1's work, and I think that what he has done with the mod is great. Unfortunately, I realized that I can not expect the same from him.

Here's the proof of the situation before:
Screenshot 2021-07-31 015239.png
Screenshot 2021-07-31 015239.png (51.41 KiB) Viewed 3601 times
Screenshot 2021-07-31 015322.png
Screenshot 2021-07-31 015322.png (79.26 KiB) Viewed 3601 times
Screenshot 2021-07-31 015354.png
Screenshot 2021-07-31 015354.png (98.48 KiB) Viewed 3601 times
This topic was created as a base for players who're accusing me of "not cooperating" with the other modders.
I was asked for example by Gonzalo, why I'm NOT HELPING WITH 1.5 for EE4 MoD, while I was actually doing it. Having a topic like this explains why I won't do such cooperation with certain people in the future.

Re: I have officially interrupted the cooperation with the EE4 MoD developer

Posted: 31 Jul 2021, 13:44
by Scorpiopt
Blocking him is a wise decision , he wants to control the narrative and in that way shift blame on the problem , its a mod ffs its not like he is operating on a patient or something .
its such minor issue that escalated because people cant take criticism or blame

I have no issue with the resolution dont promote his mod , keep blocked and that's it

Re: I have officially interrupted the cooperation with the EE4 MoD developer

Posted: 31 Jul 2021, 13:52
by Dr.MonaLisa
Scorpiopt wrote: 31 Jul 2021, 13:44 its such minor issue that escalated because people cant take criticism or blame
Just to make things clear. I did not critic anyone nor blame. I answered with details about the cause of the crash to users who were reporting it on Discord.

He then removed my answer with the crash details in code, and also the questions from users reporting this problem.

I still have problems understanding this thing fully. I thought places like Discord are actually for such discussions. But it seems like he's treating them as some informative website, where all messages need to be approved by the Admin.

Well, he has rights to do it so. But my reply is suitable to the actions taken against my freedom of expression.

Re: I have officially interrupted the cooperation with the EE4 MoD developer

Posted: 31 Jul 2021, 13:54
by Scorpiopt
not saying you did but for him thats what your doing , it clearly shows that anything that points to a mistake in is part , is a big no no to him