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Stars System for ~eWA`~>IndieRock00 member.

Posted: 11 Feb 2021, 21:54
by Dr.MonaLisa
What it is?: viewtopic.php?f=8&t=282

Star System is only one way if Academy member want to join ~eW`
On start every ~eWA` member has no stars:

Then he is collecting stars, for example:

If he will collect all 15 stars, then he will be informated, that he can join ~eW`:

Who can give star?
Star can give you every ~eW`~>Teacher which considers, that ~eWA`'s did something good, or played very good game / learned very fast.

In every Academy member forum is topic named: Star System - It's here teachers write why gave star, then I go change "black" star picture on "gold" star picture.

I hope it will works very well!

Good luck for every ~eWA` member!

Okay. Today enters into force new act.
Everyone member can receive 10 stars for any games (good of course), on any setts. Can be all 10 stars for 5-5 games, can be all 10 stars for bab war games.

Problem starting when player has already 10 stars. Then starting tests.
Test = Academy member playing vs one of ~eW` members. (Can select). Clan Leader or Academy Patron and one different person from committee (Can be everyone from ~eW` clan), or more members observe games, and after game decise if player can got star for this setts, or not.
Last 5 stars are named: Super Stars.

Academy's member can start tests when he want. He mustn't have collected 10 yellow stars already. Only things needed:
- Committee (Clan leader or Academy's Patron + one of ~eW` members)
- Enemy (One of ~eW` members [if long time ~eW` inactive, then can be player from ~eWA`])

One Super Star = one from following games:
Image Epochs 5-5, 5 min cf, fastpace (Can be with no cf if ~eWA` member wants).
Image Bab war, medpace
Image R-r (OSG) with random civilization.
Image Epochs 9-9, 5 min cf, fastpace (Can be with no cf if ~eWA` member wants).
Image Epochs 6-6 or 11-11, 12-12, 13-13, 14-14, 15-15 (one which ~eWA` player wants), 5 min cf or no cf, fast or med pace (Academy member can select). Player choose civilization before game (which he want).

IMPORTANT: Academy members SHOULD but doesn't need to win games to receive Super Star.
Committee just all time observe ~eWA` player, and see his strategy, thinking.

If new academy member has no stars on his account, but want do test - He can. He can also got 5 Super Stars without normal stars, but then to join ~eW` he need 10 stars more anyway.

If player has all stars:
Then can join ~eW` clan without any Polls in ~eW` only subforum. 5 tests should show that he is enought good to join.

Player can retry tests all time he wants if previous time committee decided to no give star for his game.

I hope it will help to show how good player is, and test him before he be final member of easyWin clan.


Re: Stars System for ~eWA`~>IndieRock00 member.

Posted: 03 Mar 2021, 08:49
by Matty
+ 1 star to IndieRock for a good 5-5 medium pace game against me. His great eco management incredibly compensated my extra terr and his houses and defs in the "battle" territory did the job. Well done!



Re: Stars System for ~eWA`~>IndieRock00 member.

Posted: 06 Apr 2021, 07:04
by Matty
+ 1 star to IndieRock for a good r-r medium pace game against Batu! Indie had Germans and Batu had Turks in epoch 1, still he managed to win smoothly! Well done!

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