Old City centers

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Old City centers

Post by kryso00 »

How to restore the original models of city centers? I wanna all 1.5 units, buildings but only with original models city centers.

I found in EE2X_db\Units\city_center_15.ddf just change DefaultModel = Bld_citycenter15.NIF to DefaultModel = Bld_citycenter13.NIF
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Re: Old City centers

Post by Dr.MonaLisa »

I suppose you're talking about epoch 15 City Centers?

You can disable UP1.5 features globally: https://www.ee2.eu/help/#disablefeatures

Either way, you would be editing the core UP1.5 file, which gets overwritten with every minor update (every month, sometimes more often). It would also disallow you from joining multiplayer games, due to differences in .ddf.

I'd recommend to get used to the new model. It's not that bad, especially when you learn that you can see all resources behind it, when you just move camera a little bit right or left.
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