Units and ressorces

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Units and ressorces

Post by Mortis »

I have a two Questions....
1.: How can i add a new "starting ressorces" slection inc. tooltip in the Skimirsh window and how to edit other "starting ressorces" tooltip?
2.: How can i change the Name of a Unit?

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Re: Units and ressorces

Post by Dr.MonaLisa »

1. Text files are in:
EE2: zips\db.zip\db\Text
AOS: zips_ee2x\EE2X_db.zip\EE2X_db\Text

Unofficial Patch 1.5 additionally uses: zips\dbtext_cheats.utf8
But this file is auto-generated depending on selected UP1.5 settings. The original sources for it, are in:
Unofficial Patch Files\EXEGeneratorData\TextsSource.txt (and some other .txt files in that folder). And of course this one gets overwritten with every minor update of UP1.5.

2. I think no need to answer there. Everything can be found in files listed above.
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