[Map Editor] Rotate and precise position for units

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[Map Editor] Rotate and precise position for units

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I use this tool but the question is also available to the vanilla Map Editor.
I want to know how to rotate a unit and also if is possible to set the exact position for him.
For the example, I want to place the MapRaster to the center of the map and set the rotation of 0 because for a unknow reason, is already rotate to a angle of 315.0 when I see on "Objects List".
I read also this but I don't success, always 315°.
Thanks in advance.

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Re: [Map Editor] Rotate and precise position for units

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I think, i have write all correct. Have you don't forget to set the "Map Editor" mode? In this tool "viewtopic.php?f=54&t=5265" i have forgotten to fix a script. Now i think, it works now all. Have update the tool, so that you can use it. Please don't forget to read the important note. :)
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