EE4 WW2 Panzer Mod Ammo

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EE4 WW2 Panzer Mod Ammo

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Hey guys, its my first time.

The WW2 Panzer Mod for the EE4 has units such as tanks, artillery with ammunition, like the airplanes does. When they finnish their ammo, they have to go to an airport to reload.

I was looking for the units folder and try to edit them on the notepad, but those units (panzer 2,3,4,5,7 ; Maus, etc) does not appear in the folder, only general units (ligh armored, heavy armored, etc.). My question is, i want to create a mod, whereas you don´t reload at an airport.

The ideia is to have trucks (there are in the game) carrying the ammunition and replenish the units that need ammo, similar to what a medic does, it heals units.

How can i do that?

Edit: It would be also pretty cool to have fuel expenditure. For example tanks, artillery and airplanes has a range of operation, they can travel only so far, they need fuel. I am attempting to create the notion of supply lines.


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Re: EE4 WW2 Panzer Mod Ammo

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I don't know those mods, but EE4 Mod has everything modded in file: zips_ee2x/
Probably with different names. You can open DDF files with Notepad++ and see how they look inside.

Unfortunately, I have no idea how this ammo reloading works. I usually prefer the way EE2 has things originally. Maybe someone else who checks the forum will be able to provide better information than me.
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