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New PATCH idea

Post by GPMH »

I've been looking for an option into the game to turn off the flags of the buildings similar to the one that turns off the crowns, but I noticed there isn't such thing as that. Therefore I thought it would be an interesting option to add for the next patch if possible. In my opinion, it would be an important option for those who want to play slow RP games without those ant roads of units that take the realistic roleplay down.
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Re: New PATCH idea

Post by Dr.MonaLisa »

Hi. Options like this are extremely time consuming. An option to "disable crowns system and leaders" took multiple updates and heavily modified game files. For a long time it also had crashes, not working state on game saves etc.
So I don't think I'll ever again focus on something like this, especially when the normal EE2 doesn't have flags and is more used than expansion pack.

If it was about a 1 modification I woul add it without doubt, but this requires too many changes and too much time, that's why I'm being honest.
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