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Post by Dzrebert »

I Tried to start EE2AOS but it crashed and not open, the error is
EAX:045acb00h ESI:0a2ff68ch
EBX:00000000h EDI:0a21262ch
ECX:00000000h EBP:ffffffffh
EDX:08be129ch ESP:0248faach
EIP:00b36480h EID:00000000h
SS: 0000002bh CS: 00000023h
DS: 0000002bh FS: 00000053h
ES: 0000002bh GS: 0000002bh
Flags: 00010212h CF:0 PF:0 AF:1 ZF:0 SF:0 OF:0
Please Help me

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Re: Crash

Post by Dr.MonaLisa »

Do you use Unofficial Patch 1.5?
Are you sure EE2: AOS was installed?
Did you put any modifications on your game files (for example custom, unofficial language files)?
Does normal EE2 (without the expansion pack) starts normally?

To verify your game files, please open the Support Chat in the UP1.5 Launcher, then send any message. After that please click on the 'SYSTEM: ✅ To get help we will need to generate the MD5 checksums of all files in your game folder. After that we can verify if your Empire Earth 2 installation doesn't contain damaged or missing files. Please click here to continue: " :\GenerateMD5Checksums"' link.
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