OBSERVERS can and will warn of oncoming moves in multi-player games

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OBSERVERS can and will warn of oncoming moves in multi-player games

Post by Coo1 » 25 Jul 2018, 18:38

In my games I almost never allow observers. Recent mods to the game allow observers to secretly chat to anyone. One of my last games against "lukwert" there two observers "fercho101023" and "Elijah." I was right in my gut-paranoid-bipolar decision. When I reviewed the recorded game, indeed I noticed, that someone (I don't care who) started to warn "lukwert" of my moves. This information immediately triggered defensive response form "lukwert." Anyway, I won a tough game, but the age of "OBSERVERS?" in my games are over.
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It is true when opportunity exists, it will be used... I posted some screen captures from that game.
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Re: OBSERVERS can and will warn of oncoming moves in multi-player games

Post by Leader » 25 Jul 2018, 19:16

Good afternoon.

Thank you for your report.

As I wrote in: viewtopic.php?p=23911#p23911
Leader wrote:
01 Jun 2018, 23:53
Why I think this is a "safe" feature:
Those changes use the UP1.5 Launcher "Keep Alive" feature to control game behavior. This means that features like this can be added/enabled/disabled at any time, without any updates and even without game restart.
The Launcher KeepAlive function connects to the KeepAlive scripts every X seconds. It sends information about the current game status, etc.
After that the KeepAlive script at uses a lot of algorithms to determine which players are currently in game, and which are observers.
At any time, when we detect irregularities, abuse of this function (aka. cheating) - we can disable it for specified players. Thanks to this, other players would still be able to use this feature, while those who abused would be "banned" from using it.
That's why, if any case of cheating is detected, please simply create a report at the forum, attach the playback file and the player who abused it will be temporary or permanently banned from using this function.
If we detect a lot of abuses in a short period of time - this feature will be simply disabled for everyone.
The Department of Control of the Ministry of Game Affairs has verified that it was player "Elijah" who was illegally helping in game (player "fercho101023" communicates with player "lukwert" using a different language). Therefore from now on (25.07.2018 19:10 CET) Observers-To-Players Messages and Flares feature has been disabled for all of existing and future accounts of player "Elijah".

I believe it solves the case.

If the player detection was wrong - "Elijah" can make an appeal in this topic, then I can start an advanced (but more time consuming) verification of this report. All posts under "Empire Earth 2 Government" subforum are written under oath. If the appeal contains information which the Ministry of Game Affairs verifies as false, we may punish the player who provides misleading information with the other methods.
Best regards,
Ministry of Game Affairs
Department of Control and Complains

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