Grid Utility for EE2 and EE2X

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Grid Utility for EE2 and EE2X

Post by Loewenherz » 02 May 2018, 12:00

----------Grid pack---------

This is a Utility for Empire Earth 2, a 510 x 510 Map which i have divided in 10 x 10 tile squares using the Beach or ForestRoot texture. For EE2 and EE2X the Gridpack should be have a Map for ervery clima zone. I relase the maps one by one.

You can use the grids, to create exactly Multiplayermaps or to make Maps with a image or a realistic Map from a Land. With the Resize Tool you can make smaller versions from the Map. In the attachment are a Grid that you can use how in the example picture.

It's a simple thing to do, but is quite time consuming, so I hope this saves people a lot of hassle and headaches (and yellow grids swimming in front of their eye).

Enjoy - Loewenherz
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