Understanding a different culture and history's project.

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Understanding a different culture and history's project.

Post by lukwerty » 04 Dec 2017, 16:32

Hey everybody! I've had a spectacular idea! It's about to getting to know different countries' culture and history. If anyone wants to share a little bit about how it is to live in Europe, Asia, Africa, America or wherever somebody is located it will be a pleasure since I have a profound and tremendous interest in knowing any other cultures besides mine - brazilian. Also, one of my ideas with that isn't simply to know one's culture but also to stimulate us to participate on our forum and, who knows, create, in a near future possible scenario, an United Nations roleplaying gaming here. I mean, everybody would have your own country and with its culture, interests, economy, politics, would have to participate of reunions in the United Nations General Assembly to discuss diverse subjects on how to approve certain affairs to favor each country in specific topics, such as nuclear non-proliferation treaties, safeguarding of human rights, resolutions against dictatorships and etc... just like in real world, but made only for us. It will, of course, rely entirely on us... but I'm sure that, if two or more have the courage to take the first step it will be a complete success for us all and will be very challenging, thought-provoking for many of us, and fun(ny) after all!

Also, I'm open to discuss new ideas... just say them out loud and I'll check if they'll be interesting for us to take them into account.

That's basically it then! Hope everybody will be interested!

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