EE2, EE2X - Empire Earth II - Unofficial Patch 1.5 (2014+)

ImageImageTalking about Modding for EE2 and EE2 AOS. New maps, patches, programs and Multiplayer scenarios.
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Re: EE2, EE2X - Empire Earth II - Unofficial Patch 1.5 (2014+)

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Sagehorn wrote: 25 Apr 2023, 22:43 Really great work! Anyway, is it possible to remove some of the units or features?
You can disable the UP1.5 units, buildings, models, sounds and camera settings:

I'm not sure what other features you want to remove? The simple answer is: No, if there's no switch in UP1.5 Settings (or a custom configuration command described in the change log) then you can't disable / remove a feature. You would need to mod the game and do whatever you like with it. UP1.5 Launcher features usually have the custom configuration parameters which are described in the change log.
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