Important: EE2SA, GBSA, ACBA - Cancelled!

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Important: EE2SA, GBSA, ACBA - Cancelled!

Post by Dr.MonaLisa » 01 Mar 2014, 00:10

Since 1st March 2014:
- EE2SA - Empre Earth II Security Act
- GBSA - Government Banning System Agreement
- ACBA - Anti-CyberBullying Act

Are cancelled for Unofficial version 1.4 law!

- The Ministry of Game Affairs, Department of Control has detected irregularities in acceptation of EE2SA and GBSA. The Acts have dictatorial traits, and haven't been accepted in any democratic poll.
- The ACBA Act is no longer needed, because on 10th October 2012 the GameSpy servers were shutdown.
- All the acts were unclear.

I'd like to inform, that the Act number I - LoSG - Legalization of "Scout Glitching" - Scout Trick still affects in unchanged, improved form.

Best regards,
Leader (Dr.MonaLisa)
Ministry of Game Affairs
Department of Control and Complaints
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