Success of the Patch 1.3 on GameRanger

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Success of the Patch 1.3 on GameRanger

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How to play Empire Earth II without GameSpy server - GameRanger:

On 10 of October 2012 GameSpy has de-listed Empire Earth II from their service.
We weren't informed that multiplayer won't back, but we already found an alternative - GameRanger. Big thanks to Mkl`* who found this program, and who told me about it.
I have posted an orientation how to use GameRanger on 10 of October (the same day EE2 server was shutted down):

The first days weren't easy. Almost none of the current GameRanger players hadn't patch 1.3 installed.
What was the problem?
Players that used GameRanger had a lot of versions of Empire Earth II - 6:
version 1.0:
1. CD
2. DVD
3. cracked

version 1.2:
4. CD
5. DVD
6. cracked

Of course they couldn't join to their games.
Patch 1.3 helped them to connect the community, but still a lot of players didn't install it, or they just didn't know how to do this.

I wasn't active for almost 1 month, due to health problems.
In the last week I visited GameRanger, and... It's active. GameRanger is as active as EE2 Lobby was. But the best suprise is that now more than 50% of all players uses the Unofficial Patch 1.3.
I was talking to some players from the old EE2 Lobby, for example: ComySS. He said he had no problems to join other players games. He uses version 1.3, that means patch 1.3 connected the community, and players installed it WITHOUT my help and any Information BOT on the GameRanger.

Who helped to include the patch into GameRanger community?
There was a lot of players who helped to the others to install it. Almost everyone who installed 1.3 added to the description of his game an information that he uses version 1.3. It was an awesome advertisement.

There was a lot of players who helped with iinclusion of 1.3, but I don't know all of them. People I know that helped:
- Mkl
- tojo
- CompagniaDellaMorte

THANK YOU people.

I also want to invite everyone who used the old lobby, to test GameRanger!
Best regards,
Ministry of Game Affairs
Department of Control and Complains


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