Stars System for ~eWA`~>DeZza member.

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Stars System for ~eWA`~>DeZza member.

Post by Dr.MonaLisa »

What it is?: viewtopic.php?f=8&t=282

Star System is only one way if Academy member want to join ~eW`
On start every ~eWA` member has no stars:

Then he is collecting stars, for example:

If he will collect all 15 stars, then he will be informated, that he can join ~eW`:

Who can give star?
Star can give you every ~eW`~>Teacher which considers, that ~eWA`'s did something good, or played very good game / learned very fast.

In every Academy member forum is topic named: Star System - It's here teachers write why gave star, then I go change "black" star picture on "gold" star picture.

I hope it will works very well!

Good luck for every ~eWA` member!

Okay. Today enters into force new act.
Everyone member can receive 10 stars for any games (good of course), on any setts. Can be all 10 stars for 5-5 games, can be all 10 stars for bab war games.

Problem starting when player has already 10 stars. Then starting tests.
Test = Academy member playing vs one of ~eW` members. (Can select). Clan Leader or Academy Patron and one different person from committee (Can be everyone from ~eW` clan), or more members observe games, and after game decise if player can got star for this setts, or not.
Last 5 stars are named: Super Stars.

Academy's member can start tests when he want. He mustn't have collected 10 yellow stars already. Only things needed:
- Committee (Clan leader or Academy's Patron + one of ~eW` members)
- Enemy (One of ~eW` members [if long time ~eW` inactive, then can be player from ~eWA`])

One Super Star = one from following games:
Image Epochs 5-5, 5 min cf, fastpace (Can be with no cf if ~eWA` member wants).
Image Bab war, medpace
Image R-r (OSG) with random civilization.
Image Epochs 9-9, 5 min cf, fastpace (Can be with no cf if ~eWA` member wants).
Image Epochs 6-6 or 11-11, 12-12, 13-13, 14-14, 15-15 (one which ~eWA` player wants), 5 min cf or no cf, fast or med pace (Academy member can select). Player choose civilization before game (which he want).

IMPORTANT: Academy members SHOULD but doesn't need to win games to receive Super Star.
Committee just all time observe ~eWA` player, and see his strategy, thinking.

If new academy member has no stars on his account, but want do test - He can. He can also got 5 Super Stars without normal stars, but then to join ~eW` he need 10 stars more anyway.

If player has all stars:
Then can join ~eW` clan without any Polls in ~eW` only subforum. 5 tests should show that he is enought good to join.

Player can retry tests all time he wants if previous time committee decided to no give star for his game.

I hope it will help to show how good player is, and test him before he be final member of easyWin clan.

Best regards,
Ministry of Game Affairs
Department of Control and Complains

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