What are your favourite dramas in EE2?

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What are your favourite dramas in EE2?

Post by Dr.MonaLisa »

We had a lot of dramas in the community for the few past years. What was your favourite one?

I personally liked the "ByzantineEmpire" reports and then ending up starting a drama with me personally.

Another, longer and probably still active drama was Coo1's non-existing bugs reports as excuses to his lost games.

The biggest one (for me) was when the ex-vice President TheGrouch banned me from "his" Discord server causing the bot and API keys to break up. That ended up in a huge drama in the forum topic.

Oh, there was also a funny drama when some guys insulted religion / God, and player "morteza" or something like that reported it.

Not to forget a cherry on a cake, which is TheKnight guy drama, where he apologized me just to insult in the next post :D

I also remember a drama between Prof.Noob and Pannari that stopped Prof.Noob from playing for a few months after he has been kicked by a false-friend which was even taught EE2 by him.

And what are your favourite dramas in EE2?
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Re: What are your favourite dramas in EE2?

Post by Gonzalo »

Sorry, Mona, I have somehow contributed to drama on discord, I hope you reconciled to Grouch. Or perhaps I am too paranoic with my messianic inference on God's prospects. Anyway, I apologize for my annoying behaviour and thank you for not publishing me into your "black list". Hope problems decrease.
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