Water in high quality with fix in DirectX 9

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Water in high quality with fix in DirectX 9

Post by Bogdan »

Hello! I don't remember if I've asked this question before, but there's a problem after enabling fix for graphics bugs in DirectX 9 (for intel graphic cards). In that case you can't enable 'High' for graphics of water (in EE2). In the UP1.5 Configuration Utility there's a hover tooltip for this option saying that "High and Medium lightning details on EE2: AOS will not work correctly". Mona, please add that there's problem with water in EE2 too.

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Re: Water in high quality with fix in DirectX 9

Post by Dr.MonaLisa »

Interesting. Thanks for sharing this information. I didn't notice it before, even when I use this fix myself on the laptop.
Added some extra information now to the tooltips.

This fix forces/fakes Pixel Shader Version to 1.1, that's why some options are limited / inactive. Unfortunately there's no other solution for this problem. It must be a bug in Intel HD drivers, as it doesn't happen on any other graphics cards.

Those limitations are not related to DirectX 9. When DX9 is disabled by UP1.5, there is a different option available, which does the same thing using different DLL files from 3D Analyzer.
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