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Post by enemysnack »

wasn't expecting to find this forum by googling my old name out of boredom xd in a thread about my brother no less.
hi there! i used to play ee2 since release, and kinda quit when it got too inactive/monotone (5-5 etc). i was really surprised to see posts from 2017, an unofficial patch and the like. feels a little surreal to talk about EE2 after 6+ years!

about me:
I used to be one of the best 1-15 (tourney and unranked) players when it was still a thing, and sorta decent at 5-5 I guess. I usually went by Enemysnack (though I did smurf quite a lot) and probably spent most of my time in the Eeg Clan. I was still underage when I played EE2, haha.
I'm not really into RTSes anymore, the last one being Starcraft II, where I stopped at Diamond league. I'm trying to be a professional Smash for WiiU player (currently ranked 4 in Germany by the name of wusi) and got more into fighting games overall.

I'm actually really curious how this game is doing, though, because I do have very fond memories of it. What changes were made in the Patches? How many people play? Any familiar names that still play?

Looking forward to hear from you, Mona! I do remember you. :}
and hi to everyone else haha

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Re: hello

Post by Dr.MonaLisa »

Hey Enemysnack! I guess you're *Saint*Darkside7's brother :D I remember you from the Eeg forums :)

Good to see you posting here.
About the UP1.5 changes list, it's available here: https://www.ee2.eu/patch/#changes
Things that may interest you the most are: fixed game glitches (res glitch, range glitch, scout glitch), DirectX 9 support, an option to disable crowns system, an option to enable the cycle time of day, support for all screen resolutions and many new units/buildings/sounds in game (which of course can be disabled by the UP1.5 Settings, so don't need to worry about gameplay changes if you liked the original EE2 more). However, the changes list is pretty long, so I would recommend to check the link above in the free time.

About the Multiplayer:
Gamespy Lobby was shut down in 2012. After that people used GameRanger, but it wasn't that good. In October 2015 I managed to create a new Multiplayer Lobby for EE2, which is now called "EE2.eu Lobby". All GameSpy features work fine on it, but with time I improved it a lot. For example, we have a new rating system that gives bonus points for the time spent in game, etc. There is also a feature called "MonaNAT" that uses one of EE2.eu servers to relay traffic between players in case they're not able to connect each other by direct connection. It means, that with the new lobby there is 100% of chance to join host, bad Internet connection doesn't matter anymore.
About players who're still playing: I can't know who you remember, but EE2.eu Lobby is integrated with this website: https://www.ee2.eu/multiplayer/
You can check what players are currently online, statistics when the most players are online, Leaderboards history, Nicknames of the most active players (sorted by time spent in game), etc. So I would recommend to check that website and see if you remember somebody or if you like the current Multiplayer Community activity.

Feel free to play EE2 anytime you want. There are many "old" players who play a few times per month, they don't get tired by this game and they still enjoy it a lot.

Also send greetings to your brother - Darkside. I remember he used to bully me a lot on Lobby when I was 12. We always used to insult each other for fun :D But those are good memories, I'm missing his drama a little and how he called everyone "2011 noobs", then "2012 noobs". Maybe it's time for him to come with "2017" version? :)
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Re: hello

Post by Deus »

I think we used to play a lot with or against each other, your name is very familiar but it has been so long.
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