my ee2 story

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my ee2 story

Post by JESU » 05 Jun 2018, 13:59

hello everyone..

i just found this forum and checked a lot of threads and have to think a lot of the great time i had with ee2. i try to remember:

i think i've started playing this early 2006. i was a noob and so i played a lot “city builder”. I was in a city builders clan: ~(<O>)~. But this shit didn’t last very long. after 10-20 times city builder I quit it CB and started real war.
i think I’ve met a guy named “LUMBERJACK” and he showed me how to play 5-5, especially how to rush. When I began playing this game, booming-strategies weren’t very popular. everything was fast – you started the game with “standard ressources” and immediately builded 4 barracks and 4 factorys (idk the correct word) and started building units. then you went for 4x or 8x crossbowmen, 3x balistas and 1x ram. you attacked your nearest enemy instantly! I had a lot of success and learned the basics very fast and became better than my teacher LUMBERJACK.
well, I can’t remember but after becoming better in 5-5 I was in many clans and played with so many people… I played a lot with PROMETHEUS – he was also German. He showed me some more good stuff and teached me. As duo team we were very strong.. there were not many people who could mess with us. during this time I think guys named “SCLEROPAGES” and “TOPEG” were extreme good players. I can remember I was on teamspeak with a girl named “MISS HOT” who was also not bad. and I was a damn young childish guy in puberty.. I think I was 14 years old.

Later I started to play bab war. I had luck that martjin and levi showed me how to play. you need to see which of your troops are being focused. then you start dancing with those troops to dodge the attacks. it was pretty simple and I actual liked it …. but it was too ping-dependent! I was lucky when my ping was below 150 ms (well it was 2006, maybe everybody had problems)… micro/mechanics with highping is no fun…

later the 5-5 meta shifted -> more people were playing with 5 min peace time. Booming became popular. I’ve adapted my strategy and I think I became even more successful. I had also many smurfs (for example ROBOT was a smurf from me). I tested a lot of stuff. For example with JESU I always played a little different (booming, rush, ugly with rams from behind, territory caging - always situation dependend), with ROBOT very aggressive and I always attacked in min 5. I had a lot of nice tricks and I think only very few knew them. for example you can put a spy on the collection point of your enemy units. Then you have view over them. when you attack him, your cats have a better range and can react faster. also I worked with prioritized attack targets. I was one of the first to use these methods, which gave me a huge advantage. there were many who could quickly build units and buildings. but almost nobody was playing with those tricks I had. for training I sometimes started 2v2 games, where my ally gave me all his units (only 1 citizien left for him) at the beginning of the game… so it was a 1v2 and I had to manage 2 bases.. I had a lot of fun!

I think I played the game approx. 2 years very actively, maybe 3+ years with many breaks, and every epoch 100 or 1000 times. I knew the game so well and thought I was one of the best - maybe I just overestimated myself, I can't answer that today. During my time I met a lot of people. i have trained achilles and he became an extremely good player. I've also played a lot with Penguin and Indy, who got pretty damn good. Me and SOW BIO became very good friends… we even met in real life :O I also liked SOW TINU very much… maybe because BIO and TINU were speaking German :D I also met a guy and idk his name in ee2, but I started to play with him Battlefield 2 and Guild Wars. It was a great time.

I've been in a lot of clans... I was also in very good clans with my smurfs :) I was probably a “clan hopper” during my first half of the game… it was also due to the fact that many clans existed only shortly..... but finally I found a home with SOW. i liked the people and the professional leadership by Alip. I saw his post in this forum, which is from yesterday. nice greetings to you my friend. I also liked SOW TOXIC very much, he was also a beast.

overall I think the best player I’ve played agains was PWN. maybe closeley followed by DR PEPPAR, but at that time I had almost completely stopped playing ee2. unfortunately I can’t compare them with players from early/mid 2006, because on that time I was new to the game and a noob… there were so many players, so many very good players, I can’t remember all their names …

If I didn't mention someone who should be mentioned, then I'm sorry... It's so long ago and I just wrote this text without thinking much.

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Re: my ee2 story

Post by *SOW*Alip » 05 Jun 2018, 18:28

Hi jesu!!
I thank you for this summary of your story on ee2, it reminded me so many memories because I knew almost all the guys you mentioned
it was the good old days ;)
You were one of the best of the game and our clan
In the game and in our clan you were very respected
I am still in contact in facebook with toxic (zdenek) and bio (luc) and we plan to meet one day ;)
I will offer them a ride on ee2 one of these weekend when everyone will be free to have fun and remember the good times
we have no more the age of online games and clans but just one last time for fun for old guys lol
I will contact you if you are interested to join us;)
Well, thank you for your testimony jesu, it did us a lot of good (y)
see you soon or see you online
keep in touch mate :)

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Re: my ee2 story

Post by SowBio » 05 Jun 2018, 18:56

Jesu Jesu 👍👍

My old friend, its me *SOW*Bio 😂 nice to see something from you in here! Alip contacted me directly on facebook with the link of your post!
Indeed it was a realy great time, where a lot of friendship were done! As Alip says we are trying to meet up in future, would be a pleasure to see you too than!
A lot of games we played a can remember one game i think it was between 1 and 2 hours, toxic alip you and me if i am right, damn that was a long game!

Hope you are fine and hope to read you soon again

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Re: my ee2 story

Post by Tinu0011 » 05 Jun 2018, 22:52

Looking forward to seeing you all online soon !

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Re: my ee2 story

Post by Dr.MonaLisa » 05 Jun 2018, 23:23

Hey guys! Thanks for a nice post. I was missing such long posts here :)

I'll write some technical details which you might be interested in (about Unofficial Patch 1.5).

- The Official GameSpy servers were shut down in 2012. After that remaining community played using "GameRanger" and LAN mode which sucks.
- In 2015 I successfully managed to host and "repair" the Multiplayer Lobby. As first it was very crashy, but with time I managed to fix everything and add new features.
- The rating system on the Lobby is counted differently. Players also get little bonus points for the time spent in game. I made a special website where rating history can be checked:
- There is also a Leadersboard history website:
- ... and Fair/Random teams generator:
- Unofficial Patch 1.5 uses uPnP to forward port 26000, so it should be easier to join games without manual ports forwarding in router settings.
- In 2016 I have created a new "MonaNAT" technology: which definitively fixes all joining problems. Quoting: "MonaNAT (aka. Mona-in-the-middle) is an advanced technology that helps you to play online even with the bad Internet connection, or when both players are behind Symmetric NAT. It simply creates a relay server, just like if you played popular games, for example: League of Legends, Battlefield, etc."
- It's impossible to "smurf" anymore, because the statistics "tool-tip" shows information about related accounts, player country above the rating. I believe it was a needed change due to very little community.
- Recently observers can read and send messages/flares to players in game. It's explained why in this topic: viewtopic.php?f=58&t=5059 (this change might be reverted at any time if we detect abuses).

Some changes in game:
Full Unofficial Patch 1.5 changes list is available at:
- Changes which you "don't like" can be disabled after Patch installation by "UP1.5 Settings", so you don't need to worry if you like the pure "vanilla" game more.
- EE2 now uses the DirectX 9 (DX8 to DX9 converter) which improves the performance (a little), and fixes compatibility with new Windows versions.
- New units/buildings are usually underpowered (so it's not worth to use them in normal games, and nobody gets annoyed nor has a reason to cry).
- There is a new Missile Defense system (including Radars, Anti-Missile buildings, Mobile Anti-Missile Launchers and Naval Anti-Missile Warships). It helps to intercept incoming ballistic missiles in high epochs. There are also new non-nuclear missile Launchers, so building the Anti-Missile system is very important in high epochs now.
- From worth economic buildings there is a "Windmill" which doubles food production from farms, and "Water Well" which gives some resources collection bonus.
- The "Night" time of day is much darker. There is a "Cycle" option for the time of day (selected by default) so consider disabling it before game launch.

Game glitches/cheat fixes:
- Resources glitch was fully fixed by adding an additional deletion security.
- Range glitch was fixed (this glitch made catapults and other units attacking from unexpectedly long range).
- Scout glitch (blocking buildings) is partially fixed. First it forces the scout to move out of buildings. If a player still blocks the building there is a "punishment" effect activated which slows player's buildings construction time by 100000% (or more) for around 10 seconds. This is a controversial change, but was needed due that 5-5 was no more fun when all good players managed to use the scout trick and rage quit when something went not as they expected.

There are probably much more things to know, but I also have problems remembering everything. I recommend to spend some minutes to read the full changes list at It will really help you to understand what's new.
Best regards,
Ministry of Game Affairs
Department of Control and Complains

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Re: my ee2 story

Post by Deus » 21 Oct 2018, 01:46

I remember you Jesu, there was a game a long time ago, I remember where you were 1v5ing players I think. That blew my mind back then. Good to see a lot of old players are looking around here.
Ministry of Game Affairs
Department of EE2 History and Oldschool Players

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Re: my ee2 story

Post by Tojo » 10 Dec 2018, 15:24

very nice story.
Guys whole community wants to see you guys come in multiplayer and playing at least in Christmas and January. We want to meet players who we talk about every day. and meet old clans which existed back then!

You will also meet players and friends from that time.
I heard so much about you from Colby who is playing these days, also from Tinu who taught me 5-5.

so I really encourage you to join and try the game again.
I started playing online after game spy servers were shut down, and multiplayer was played on gameranger. and I always dreamed how cool it would be to meet you.

so call your friends and come together.
Hope to see you!

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Re: my ee2 story

Post by OldRedline » 11 Feb 2019, 02:02

Hey jesu , its me Redline , We use to 1v1 all the time A LOT in everything. We would also do 2v2 vs others and never lose cause we both was so good at pretty much everything. Achilles was one of the guys I would also 1v1 a lot, Remember him big time also, I knew tinu , bio , lumber , and deus the guy I would always beat and he fight with me lol (oh the good times rofl) I could write up like 40 pages of history of ee2. I was in skill clan , I still am never left. It was goober , Duke , and killtact. Pwn was my 2v2 partner we never lost in 5-5 2v2, we would also have 1-2 hour long 1v1s. I never knew lumber was your very first teacher, Mine was GgC Bane , he was the first one to get me into 5-5 before I was doing 5-5 but with no case fire and did tournaments with pwn , asd , aqua , spider , dynasty , doggy , many more I can't remember right now, I started EE2 when it came out, But I was a noob for a good while. I did a lot of city builder lol, and years later I even join spit fire I think the name was which was all but city builder.

Im pretty sure everyone knew who I was from EeG , SOW , OG , GgC , O| so many more cause I was a troll who loved being one and getting people hyped up to 1v1 me or others and I would talk crap to make it a very importent game and people wanted to win so bad cause of it an much more. I still remember a lot of people like coby , mill , doggy , killtact , lumber , jesu , deus , duke , goober , tinu , bio , aqua , martjin , fire , misshot , bane , pwn , spider , dynasty , coo1 , pedo , dr pepper , deww , alex , kei , everyone pretty much, just cant remember all the names.

But I still remember pretty much everything lol. I also smurf for a whole year as Oldschool said I was spider made my own clan called TgC I think it was , miss the old times lol. But hey nice to see everyone again awesome to think about all the times and history of EE2.
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Re: my ee2 story

Post by TheGrouchDE » 11 Feb 2019, 10:20

Awesome Idea! Hope you don't mind if i hop inside the boat.

So. I got the game when i was around ten, eleven. But i played mostly on Single Player. Later on little stupid me discovered that theres an Multiplayer to this game. So i spend a lot of time playing on Multiplayer Lobby in 1.0 But i was such a noob at this time and didn't really know how to play the game. Luckily i had some peeps back then with which i played a lot. Some time later i discovered that there is a patch to this game. So i installed it. I think it was only some time before the old EE2 government was created. To that time i was being active as DomDom11/12 and some other account names. As i arrived i played a lot of different types of games there. I think from 1-15, 9-9 and nearly everything else except 5-5 because i dislike the mode and still do to be honest. But the most i enjoyed the city builds on the europe or world map with Mona and the others. Even after the server shutdown i kept on playing EE2 via Game Ranger. There i was being still active as DomDom but changed my name later to TheGrouchDE. Around that time the new government was built, UP1.5 was created and i was set as the Ministry of Mods as which i'm still present. It was also the time where the new lobby was built up. Today i'm mostly active on the EE2 launcher chat to support people with problems or to test new stuff for the Patch.


Department of Modding and Testing

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