New animal pirate (EE4) Problem with this unit

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Re: New animal pirate (EE4) Problem with this unit

Post by Dr.MonaLisa » 11 Sep 2018, 16:14

You don't understand. The projectile crash might as well be depended by models/animations from UnitModel. I asked you to make a base tests to make sure what causes the problem. The projectile type you used is correct, and works for other units, so it can't be the problem itself.
But since you solved it, then it's not needed to waste more time for it.
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Re: New animal pirate (EE4) Problem with this unit

Post by Gonzalo » 12 Sep 2018, 07:57

Yes Leader I am glad with my unit for it works as I wanted, though in fact I didn't follow your directions. Thank you very much for your help...

Added after 37 minutes 41 seconds:
Indeed I have tried the same animations with regular, to which they originally belonged, and I have the same problem as with "prusmusket" from RGV1's mod which has the same animations, and which I have chosen to use as "pirate"

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