offensive behaviour by Uk Carface

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offensive behaviour by Uk Carface

Post by mansoor » 10 Aug 2016, 18:31

Dear respected Authorities, and all dear ee2 players,
with due respect it is stated that "Uk carface" is mistreating me from whole month without any solid reason ... i have ignored his nonsense too long but its unbearable now . i really don't know why he is against me ,always putting me in unfair teams ,helping the opponents if he on my side ,always talking in a unjustifiable manner to me . Since today morning, he is hosting a room with a description as :"Mj noob" and it seems too offensive to me . Many people have already complained about him like gnooty ,remblufbluf ,destajador,rosenboom etc the culprit has no manner to talk,no manner to host as he makes the joiners tired by wasting there time,always going afk when all make ready .He usually makes me feel bad because of his offesnive manner of talking ,calling me noob ,abusing me ,kicking me from rooms ,ignoring me all the time if i say something about changing sets,and above all breaking the game rules and then he says o sorry i started as spies or rams etc and cant reverse it now.he must be banned or punished by snatching his rated game points or any other punishment should be given so that he must learn some civilized ways of talking.
thanks for your patience
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Re: offensive behaviour by Uk Carface

Post by Dr.MonaLisa » 10 Aug 2016, 19:27

Hello MJ!
As the Minister of the Department of Control and Complaints I'll try my best to help you to solve the problem.
First of all thank you for your report. The reports in the Government subforum are very important, because we (ministers) usually won't take any action without reports. It's because some players might insult each other for "fun", but they both might be friends and do this for joke. That's why we try to not interfere in such cases, even when we see that something is not okay.

First case:
helping the opponents if he on my side ,always talking in a unjustifiable manner to me
This behaviour is unacceptable, and it's even regulated by the government Act: Gov. Act II: TPA - Team Protection Act. Please read the Act for details. In case you want to "sue" carface for breaking the Act, please write the report as it's explained in the Act. You can do this in the same topic.

Second case:
Although words like "MJ noob" are not offensive in my opinion, the behaviour shows that carface meant to offend you. The game was hosted for several hours with no free slots, so we can assume that it was created to offend you, and that it was carface's intention.
However, just to be clear, calling people "noobs" on Multiplayer games is normal, and that's nothing forbidden. Of course as long as it's the only offensive word.

About the issues with games hosted by carface:
There is a freedom of choice. Nobody is forced to join carface's games, so I would recommend to ignore his hosts, especially when most of the community knows how he behaves when hosting, or how much time is wasted when he's the host. With the new Lobby feature (MonaNAT) every player is able to host a game, and all the other players have 100% of chance to join the room, so that shouldn't be a problem.

As long as there are no serious verbal abuses sent on the Lobby Chat, we won't ban anyone nor reset his rating. Bans are designed for the very demoralized players.
For now, if you don't report Team Protection Act issues, carface will be punished by: kicking out of the lobby whenever he hosts a game with offensive title, whenever the one of Ministers see it. However, it's the one and the final warning. If he ignores it and every time he get kicked he rehost a game with offensive title, he will be templorary blocked from joining the game lobby (for example for 24 hours, and every time he does it again this time will be increased). If this will be continued, his abity to host games will be blocked for the lifetime. I hope it's not something he wants. In case he will be offending on the lobby chat, his abity to send messages/private messages will be blocked. This will limit his rights except rights to join and play games, but should be enough as punishment. Of course it's only a theory. For now, simple kicks from the server should be enough.

I would really recommend to spend some time to write a TPA report here, that would give us much more punishment possibilities than we have now.
Best regards,
Ministry of Game Affairs
Department of Control and Complains

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