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Old screenshot

Post by Gooberman »

Owning pwn and deus Image Pwn attacked me then deus did and I totally won

1 warning

These screenshots has been uploaded to remove warning from my account on ~eW`~>FORUM

Won't ever forget this game idk why
To remove warning, you have to help with forum development. Thats why you can create Empire Earth II screenshots history.
If you have warning, you have to post Screenshots of good game, with:
- game score
- army timeline
- buildings timeline
(can be more)
If you already created topic, then copy link of this topic, and paste here: ( http://forum.ee2.eu/t877-do-you-want-remove-warning-warnings )
Moderator will check, and if you did everything correct - we will remove 1 warning from your account.
Remember: 1 warning = 1 screenshots topic.

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Re: Old screenshot

Post by Deus »

Terrible game...lol.
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Re: Old screenshot

Post by dynasty »

*wishes I had comp with screenshots from them days*
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