I'm leaving EE2 =)

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Re: I'm leaving EE2 =)

Post by Dr.MonaLisa »

Tojo wrote:
14 Feb 2019, 00:32
So.. How much time you weren't playing EE2 then? 1 day? week? :D
I don't remember, but in 2012 and later ~eW` was even more active than before, so most likely survived the crisis, and while all "problematic" users left (like Burning, peacegamerjj) it was more fun.

During the time from the situation described in this topic something very bad happened to me (irl), so this situation double-hit me. I think I became very mean later, didn't get in touch (chatting) with other EE2 players, etc.
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Re: I'm leaving EE2 =)

Post by lukwerty »

Safely (or not) I came to eW... I don't regret joining this clan, it was my best decision ever. They wanted me to go Eeg, I wonder what would have happened if I had been an Eeg, maybe I wouldn't have been so active here for such a long time, maybe I wouldn't have met some players and or witnessed some events, who knows... lol. Anyway, as I said, no regrets at all. Loyalty is my word, even if at bad shape - here, now and forever. But I believe everything now is done for the greater of our community as well, just as stated by Leader, so it's perfectly fine. I agree with Leader's words and endorse them entirely.

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