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economy tips

Post by rtk421 »

Iv searched every forum and am having trouble figuring out the best way to manage my workers or if there is a starting guide to what is most efficient for a normal med paced skirmish.

I know everything is dependent on age, starting workers, civ bonuses map types, and tech trees etc but for just a normal plains skirmish med pace 1-15 are there any good recipes one should follow? Iv been watching your youtube channel mona and it has helped a bit but im still wondering.

IS IT EVER WORTH IT TO GARRISON WORKERS? At least in the early game? Or is it just a waste not worth the increased percentage of resource?

In a 1-15 game technology seems like it should also be a resource one should start mining as soon as the 2nd or 3rd settlement is built for reduced cost peasants. However since you probably want to keep workers on resource and wood for barracks maybe temples are best start? However gold for priests takes away from early military. It also would seem universities produce more tech and the tech upgrades for reduced cost seems to be something one would want to rush early. I literally could not find answers to these questions anywhere so any input would be greatly appreciated

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Re: economy tips

Post by Dr.MonaLisa »

I never garrison citizens. It might be useful, but I never calculated it and never use it. In my opinion you'll gather resources faster by building warehouses near every resource, instead of garrisoning citizens in one, and force other citizens to walk for a longer distance to drop-off to it. From what I noticed collecting resources takes less time than actual walking, so investing in more warehouses on start is worth it.

My basic start is 5 wood, 5 stone and as many warehouses as needed. Of course it depends on settings and chance of getting rushed on start. Sometimes it's worth to go 9 wood, 1 tin to get few barracks as fast as possible, but again it depends on situation.

In my opinion, as long as you know to build warehouses on start, nothing else can be improved. You learn to manage the economy, by simply playing the game. With time you have it in blood and you just know how to manage it.
Many players are saying that the "good start" is the most important part of the game. In my opinion it isn't. The economy must be managed by long minutes after the start, and there are always situations that require tweaks or getting additional mines. You simply need to watch the resources counter and see which resource is decreasing faster than it should.

Anyway, I would really recommend to not focus on details like this, because clicking speed, fast building and map control is what should be trained the most. And by focusing on details like this, you actually don't practice the game.
When I was 10 and first time joined multiplayer, I trained by playing long ceasefire games with friends, and training building speed / hotkeys usage. Skills came itself with time (in my case pretty quick, but that's an exception, especially when we look at some multiplayer users who're playing for several years and are still bad).
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