Automatic Game Uploads

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Automatic Game Uploads

Post by Coo1 »

I wonder if it would be possible to have all games uploaded on a public server for anyone to download later. Understanding that there is finite storage limit, let's say, least downloaded games would be deleted automatically. Typically a game would take about 20 MB (or something like that). 1 GB of server space could have something like 50 games. If the limit exceeds allotted quota, the oldest and least downloaded games would be wiped out. Is it a good idea?

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Re: Automatic Game Uploads

Post by Dr.MonaLisa »

I don't like to write that the idea is "bad", because everyone has his own needs and vision on something, but I don't understand what would it be needed for?

1. For privacy reasons, it obviously would be disabled by default. Otherwise over 1000 files daily would be uploading to Then, even if gave 20GB of the storage for it, it would be filled within 1 hour or so.
2. It wouldn't be used by anyone. If you find a file on the Internet, without description, preview images, etc. do you download it?
3. File expiration is bad. Not everyone has time to download/watch something. Some people may want to do it even after few years.

Skipping that, you can already do this thing for yourself, by using some cloud service (OneDrive, Google Drive). You can download dedicated programs and set-up to automatically sync your playback folder with some publicly shared folder. Then, everyone with a link to this folder would be able to view most recent games you played.

Another thing worth to mention is, almost nobody watches .e2s files. If you love to share your content, wouldn't it be better to record games using some screen-recording software, and then upload it on YouTube? It would probably have more interest.

And the last thing: I know after everything that was done with EE2 it looks like it's so easy to realize every idea. That's very wrong, because some features require weeks of work and they can contain like 1 bullet on the changes list, or 1 tweet on twitter. Preparing the idea posted here would require Launcher function, server scripts, special website to list it, etc. That would be few weeks of work and testing. I for sure wouldn't be interested in realizing an idea like this, when there is totally no use for me. I mostly develop things that I personally like and would use. For this thing, I don't find any use for me (and probably most of players either).
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