Matty vs 9 hardest computers, epoch 5-5 with crowns

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Matty vs 9 hardest computers, epoch 5-5 with crowns

Post by Matty » 22 Feb 2019, 13:17

Is it possible? It is!
I had in mind to play it without crowns, which is now the standard setting for 5-5, however I realized only in game that they were on, when i saw computer winning crown.
Crowns definitely helped me, however I had resisted without them, or better, against them, at the beginning, which is the crucial part in a game like this. So I'm not saying I would have won even without them, but I wouldn't say either the opposite...

Unfortunately cheats were on due to previous experiments i had made, but I didn't use them, as you can see from the playback that lasts 6 hours :mrgreen:
I didn't spam pause during the game in order to improve my performance, because I had already tried this way in the past, but without success. I didn't think I would have made it in both cases, so I just played normally.
Matty vs 9 Hardest computers 5-5 setting with
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