Reddit post Empire Earth remastered

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Reddit post Empire Earth remastered

Post by Daricx »

Good evening, I know that it does not concern Empire Earth 2, but I still want to talk about it because it still concerns Empire Earth 1 which is in my opinion the best of the saga. So here I did a Reddit post and I wanted to introduce it to this community.

Good reading :)

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Re: Reddit post Empire Earth remastered

Post by Dr.MonaLisa »

I feel sorry for EE1 community. I don't think there is much chance for a remastered version of it. NeoEE also seems to not be frequently updated.

In EE2 the situation is much better. With Unofficial Patch 1.5 we have all screen resolutions support (including 4k), DirectX 9 (to emulate DirectX 8 and fix compatibility problems with new Windows versions), improved Multiplayer Lobby with MonaNAT which routes traffic between players in case of connection problems, and much, much more. Better camera zoom settings with fixed sounds when maximally zoomed-out, Middle Mouse Button actions also did its job. Not to mention new options like "Cycle Time of Day" or "Disable Crowns System and Leaders". Currently EE2 already feels like a remastered game, so nobody complains. Also, the website is integrated with the Multiplayer Lobby and Launcher Statistics system - so it gives a full control over Rating System log, Leaderboards, players activity, etc. to all visitors.

My personal recommendation would be to try EE2 instead of EE1. I know it's probably too hard to change the habits, but at least give it a chance.

One thing is sure - even if EE1 was (unlikely) remastered by some publisher - it wouldn't be the same. They would try to add new features (or "Improve" existing) which most of current EE1 players wouldn't like. And still those EE1 fans would stay with the old version.
I think we should just live with what we have now. EE2 will be fun and stable for at least 10 more years. EE1 needs compatibility fixes for Windows 10, because currently a lot of players can't run this game. If it was fixed (it probably depends on graphics drivers, old DirectX version, etc.) it would still be as enjoyable as before.
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Re: Reddit post Empire Earth remastered

Post by Tojo »

I agree with Dr.MonaLisa.
EE2 with UP 1.5 really feels like a remastered game already. We have everythig needed. Many problems were fixed, many options added and our community can now just relax and enjoy the game where "simple click on play allows us to play the game with our friends" in multiplayer.
I don't know how is the situation in EE1 but maybe you really should try EE2, and just enjoy the game and not worry about any problems ;)

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