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Re: my ee2 story

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lukwerty wrote: 18 Feb 2019, 01:23
OldRedline wrote: 11 Feb 2019, 02:02 Hey jesu , its me Redline , We use to 1v1 all the time A LOT in everything. We would also do 2v2 vs others and never lose cause we both was so good at pretty much everything. Achilles was one of the guys I would also 1v1 a lot, Remember him big time also, I knew tinu , bio , lumber , and deus the guy I would always beat and he fight with me lol (oh the good times rofl) I could write up like 40 pages of history of ee2. I was in skill clan , I still am never left. It was goober , Duke , and killtact. Pwn was my 2v2 partner we never lost in 5-5 2v2, we would also have 1-2 hour long 1v1s. I never knew lumber was your very first teacher, Mine was GgC Bane , he was the first one to get me into 5-5 before I was doing 5-5 but with no case fire and did tournaments with pwn , asd , aqua , spider , dynasty , doggy , many more I can't remember right now, I started EE2 when it came out, But I was a noob for a good while. I did a lot of city builder lol, and years later I even join spit fire I think the name was which was all but city builder.

Im pretty sure everyone knew who I was from EeG , SOW , OG , GgC , O| so many more cause I was a troll who loved being one and getting people hyped up to 1v1 me or others and I would talk crap to make it a very importent game and people wanted to win so bad cause of it an much more. I still remember a lot of people like coby , mill , doggy , killtact , lumber , jesu , deus , duke , goober , tinu , bio , aqua , martjin , fire , misshot , bane , pwn , spider , dynasty , coo1 , pedo , dr pepper , deww , alex , kei , everyone pretty much, just cant remember all the names.

But I still remember pretty much everything lol. I also smurf for a whole year as Oldschool said I was spider made my own clan called TgC I think it was , miss the old times lol. But hey nice to see everyone again awesome to think about all the times and history of EE2.
Been there... maybe you should play once again then to the best of (our) times! It brings us back good memories but you will eventually forget them as soon as days pass on playing. Not everybody is here though... and I believe it's totally understandable once it's a pretty old game and also considering that those old school players now are old and busy with their lives as well lol.
lol I have started playing since last week, relearning everything, yep I was 12 when i started playing and im now 25 lol and long time no see luke.

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