Looking for players in 2vs2

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Looking for players in 2vs2

Post by micheco »

Hello everyone !

I and some friends of mine play together time to time and we want to push the fun further!!!

I therefore make a call for players, call for opponents ! More exactly for a team of players because we would obviously prefer to play in team (not conditional).

Also we play most often on slow settings (slow rythm, low level of ressources). We indeed prefer a play with economic and strategic tension instead of stress gestion and speed. In other words, we do not really play deathmatch play.

For the details we are all in our 20s and come from Belgium!

See you ingame !

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Re: Looking for players in 2vs2

Post by Ori »


Sounds like a good idea, Im interested to try joining you :)

I had the same problem with the mulitplayer community - Its difficult to find a match with more then 2-3 players, and even then most players want to play a fast-pace mass spam kind of game... to me, EE2 is mainely a diplomatic game with a slow pace. I even made some adjustments to the config files in order to achive that, by making the ai stronger and lowering the resource gather rate in order to give players an incentive to trade.

does that kind of play style sound relevante to you? if so I made some nice maps to match it, and maybe also my brother will join.

If anyone else is watching this thread and wants to join me - your welcom to leave here a comment :)

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Re: Looking for players in 2vs2

Post by Dr.MonaLisa »

It's good to check Multiplayer Statistics: https://www.ee2.eu/multiplayer/
To know when there is the biggest chance to play a game with other players. It can be helpful.
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