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Hello everyone

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I've already run into Dr.MonaLisa but I figured I should properly introduce myself. I'm 20 and I live in North Carolina, United States. I'm currently in college working towards a degree in computer science. I love anything that has a technical aspect to it: cars, computers, metal working, etc. These days because of school I don't play games nearly as much as I used to, but I play a lot of Xbox one and xbox 360 as well as some stuff on steam, and EE2 of course :) I remember when I was a little kid getting EE2 at some point, if remember correctly I got it on accident, and I loved being total pleb at the game by turtling till epoch 12 and then spamming nuke bombers on the ai. I had already been playing red alert 2 for a long time when I got EE2 so I knew how a rts should be played but I felt that if I could end the game by epoch 4-5 from starting at 2 then it was a waste since I would never get to see all the cool units :P If I would have to pick my favorite xbox game it would have to be either forza 4 or forza 6 my favorite PC game would be EU4. I don't know how active the forum is but Hey to everyone out there! and epic props to Dr.MonaLisa for maintaining this game, I recently got back into playing after several years and I'm excited for this game all over again.

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Re: Hello everyone

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Nice history! Similar to mine. I used to play the DEMO version of EE2 when I was 6 or 7 with my brother. Then we bought it right after release :)
Have you played EE2 on Multiplayer (when the GameSpy server was running) or only Singleplayer?
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