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Post by peacegamerjj »

Hey guys its a topic which I though about days.
For me acta is the worst thing I have ever heard about.

1. Even more money for the capitalists.
2. No pornos ! o.O
3. They spy yout pc.

So , I want that you all go to demonstrate !

I'm happy that germany implement acta for now , but if I could die!

I would like to know your own feeling about acta & how is it in your country?

Ty ; Peace (;

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Re: Acta..

Post by Dr.MonaLisa »

lololololol, Demonstrations were on 20 of January... Now they can't do anything.
But of course media didn't inform what it is ACTA, people just woke up now... when is to late...
Anyway if someone is interested about ACTA, SOPA etc. - check this topic: ... n-internet
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