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Pornographic content in "😱nsfw-disturbing-stuff" channel on Discord

Posted: 04 May 2020, 13:12
by Dr.MonaLisa
Our official Discord Server rules forbid pornography:
1. No Illegal Content
(it includes serious racist insults, pornography, pirated content or offensive messages reported by users)
Some time ago, we created the "😱nsfw-disturbing-stuff" channel. Users are asked if they're 18+ years old before they can read and post messages in the channel.
It was created in order to have a place for news links containing deaths, or other stuff that might not be OK to post in general channels. It was supposed to also contain some soft nudity (like boobs, or a mad person running naked down the street).

Unfortunately, one member (which nickname I won't bring up here) decided to regularly "feed us" with pornographic content.
I personally always reacted with "WTF IS WRONG WITH YOU" messages, but other Discord users reacted with laugh, which I understood as acceptation of the content of this type. Therefore messages containing videos / images like this weren't deleted, and an user who posts them wasn't punished in any way. I respect the freedom of speech and never delete other users messages, but I understand that new people who join this Discord, and perhaps use it for the first time, might find it as something extremely unacceptable.

I'm a gentle person when it comes to moderating stuff, that's why I'd like to ask the Department of Justice to investigate this case, check messages and decide what should be done with such content in the future.

More information what NSFW channels on Discord are for: ... nd-Content

Re: Pornographic content in "😱nsfw-disturbing-stuff" channel on Discord

Posted: 04 May 2020, 15:38
by Matty
I think that, as long as it is not illegal, it's fine. Pornographic content is generally not illegal, but some parts of it are illegal.
I have given a very fast look to that section which I don't really follow and it seems all fine.
Obviously, even though discord allows legal pornographic content, everything depends on us. If the majority thinks that a certain kinda of content is too much, even if legal, we can just make rules to not post that kinda of content.

Re: Pornographic content in "😱nsfw-disturbing-stuff" channel on Discord

Posted: 04 May 2020, 16:34
by Dr.MonaLisa
Thanks so much for checking it. I guess we can leave it as it is now.

Topic remains open, so we can get a potential feedback from other users.