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Multiplayer Lobby - Audio Taunts for certain messages

Posted: 07 Mar 2020, 06:17
by Dr.MonaLisa
As most of the active Multiplayer users noticed, Minor Updates 157031-157032 add a new feature to the Multiplayer Lobby chat, and the chat in hosted game rooms (before game start):
[157031 - 2020-02-26]:
— New feature: Audio playback (taunts) for certain messages sent on the Multiplayer chats (before game start):
* 33 sound effects, copied from Age of Empires III, executed by typing numbers 1-33 (for example 21 for "hahaha", 15 for "wololo").
* Over 120 sound effects from EE2 (and some new ones), for example "cough", "hospital", "citycenter", "neinneinnein", etc. A full list will be shared later on BLOG or Forum.
* The audio will only play if the game is maximized / active at the time message arrives.
* Those taunts can be disabled by using the "Ignore" button on a player who in your opinion abuses them.
[157032 - 2020-02-27]:
— Fixed issues with the new 157031 feature (audio playback for certain messages). It didn't work for private message senders, and for all players in hosted-game room (except the host).
This feature is currently in the BETA stage. It means, that the Department of Control is observing how this feature affects the community, if players enjoy it, hate it, or abuse it, if further improvements are needed (for example extra options to block the taunts globally, etc.).

The list of possible taunts (messages sent on Lobby / hosted room chats which will play sound effects):

* Numbers 1-33 use a copy of taunts from Age of Empires III:

1 Yes.
2 No.
3 I need food.
4 I need wood.
5 I need coin.
6 Do you have extra resources?
7 I have extra food.
8 I have extra wood.
9 I have extra coin.
10 Meet here.
11 Are you ready?
12 I need help!
13 Attack now!
14 Upgrade your trade route.
15 Wololo.
16 I'm in your base, killing your dudes.
17 Check in your wallet. That's me on the dollar bill.
18 I believe that makes me your daddy.
19 El-Oh-El, I am R-Oh-Tee-Eff-El. (Laugh out Loud, I am Rolling on the Floor Laughing.)
20 Aren't you becoming quite the little problem.
21 (Laughter)
22 This will give me cred, street cred!
23 Hey, shut your pie hole!
24 I'll take that trade.
25 You sit on the computer all day playing! You know nothing of hard life!
26 Really? Such a noob.
27 Ask not for whom the timer ticks. It ticks for thee.
28 (Alternate laughter)
29 Check in your pocket. The quarter is me, too.
30 Where is my mother?
31 (Charge bugle call)
32 Believe it, little boy!
33 Zing!


* Text b1-b42 use a copy of taunts from Age of Empires II:

b1 Yes.
b2 No.
b3 Food please.
b4 Wood please.
b5 Gold please.
b6 Stone please.
b7 Ahh!
b8 All hail, king of the losers!
b9 Ooh!
b10 I'll beat you back to Age of Empires.
b11 (Herb laugh)
b12 Ah! being rushed.
b13 Sure, blame it on your ISP.
b14 Start the game already!
b15 Don't point that thing at me!
b16 Enemy sighted!
b17 It is good to be the king.
b18 Monk! I need a monk!
b19 Long time, no siege.
b20 My granny could scrap better than that.
b21 Nice town, I'll take it.
b22 Quit touching me!
b23 Raiding party!
b24 Dadgum.
b25 Eh, smite me.
b26 The wonder, the wonder, the... no!
b27 You played two hours to die like this?
b28 Yeah, well, you should see the other guy.
b29 Roggan.
b30 Wololo.
b31 Attack an enemy now.
b32 Cease creating extra villagers.
b33 Create extra villagers.
b34 Build a navy.
b35 Stop building a navy.
b36 Wait for my signal to attack.
b37 Build a wonder.
b38 Give me your extra resources.
b39 (Ally sound)
b40 (Enemy sound)
b41 (Neutral sound)
b42 What age are you in?


* Empire Earth II specific sounds (and some new ones) can be played by typing the following text:

All taunts, can be listed, by typing the following message on the Lobby Chat:
|cmd taunts


The sounds might be changed, and new ones added in the future updates of Unofficial Patch 1.5.

This feature is disabled in the generated executables for Developers Version of UP1.5 (it won't work even if using the same files). Please let me know if it's ever needed, and I'll consider enabling it.


Information for modders, who would like to change existing sounds or add new taunts:
IMPORTANT: Any change in the following files will disallow you from joining / hosting games for players who use unmodified version of UP1.5.
Modified files are overwritten after EVERY Minor Update of UP1.5. You would need to backup your modifications, and re-apply them after every update.

Please edit the following files with Notepad++
For Empire Earth II:

For Empire Earth II: The Art of Supremacy:

File "dbsoun5.csv" is used when Unofficial Patch 1.5 units, buildings, models, sounds are enabled in game.
File "dbsoun6.csv" is used when Unofficial Patch 1.5 units, buildings, models, sounds are disabled:

Lines starting with "up15_chatsnd_" are used by the new taunts function, available only since ver. 157031. For example the following line plays the satellite selection sound effect, when user types "satellite" on chat:

Code: Select all

If you want the same sound to play after typing word "paparazzi", change it to the following (or add a copy of it, new line):

Code: Select all

You can use different mp3 files, for example from file "". Unofficial Patch 1.5 uses "", "" to store them. Then you can change it (for example) to the following:

Code: Select all


Questions? Positive or negative feedback? Ideas for the new taunts? Please feel free to post them in this topic.

Re: Multiplayer Lobby - Audio Taunts for certain messages

Posted: 15 Mar 2020, 21:38
by Coo1
I propose one more taunt to reflect work of Dr.MonaLisa. Countless hours, sleepless nights, insults and other things endured by this wonderful being should be reflected in a taunt which should somehow thank and be something like this:
Music in the background from the beginning of this song:
and then a voice saying "you like -- you give!"
Hopefully this would be enough to purchase time on server and a new computer... :-)

Re: Multiplayer Lobby - Audio Taunts for certain messages

Posted: 16 Mar 2020, 11:27
by Dr.MonaLisa
This video is only available in the USA: ... XE_n2q08Yw

But besides that, taunts with background audio like this wouldn't be added. It wouldn't fit the current EE2-related taunts. The exception is "31" from AOE3, but that's kept for "consistence" reasons. Adding taunts based on music lyrics would be too much for this feature. I personally would then want like 100 new taunts from Lady Gaga. And then the copyrights problems would start, especially when someone was recording EE2 videos for YouTube, and his whole video would get blocked because someone sent the taunt on chat. The video listed above is the good example of it, because is available in literally 1 country.

What I'm currently planning to add is:
- Missing selection sounds for police / fire truck / ambulance / news van from EE2 1.5 units.
- All or just some AOE2 taunts, because vetinte wants the "Quit touching me" taunt.
- On vetinte's request "goat2" based on: