Available punishments that can be issued by the Ministry of Game Affairs.

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Available punishments that can be issued by the Ministry of Game Affairs.

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Available punishments that can be issued by the Ministry of Game Affairs.

* The word "crime" used in this document has no literal meaning. It can be anything, from the bad behavior to a simple spam. It is only used for simplicity.
* This document doesn't specify the forbidden/allowed behaviors. The only destination of it is to show available punishment methods. The reports processing itself is the internal case of Departments of the Ministry.
* This document in most cases doesn't specify which Department is allowed to issue punishments. Those are different regulations listed in this topic (click), which can change depending on the current Ministry cadence.

Extra information:

1. Punishments can be combined together.
2. The Minister (or a moderator if the case is related to the specified chatting platform) can decide about the conditional suspension of the punishment given for a specified amount of time. It means that that the player receives the grace period to change his/her behavior. In case when player commits the same or a different crime during the grace period, the grace period gets automatically canceled, and player's rights are limited according to previously decided punishment + the new one. If the previous and the new punishments are the same, the amount of time of the punishments increase to the sum of both of them. The passed grace period doesn't reduce the previous punishment time in any way.


Conditional discontinuance of proceedings
- No punishment, but the record of the case might be used in the future, even in a totally different case. It's to help identifying player's actions from the past.

Persona non grata
- Limit's player's rights to disallow creating forum reports / reporting other players for any reasons, using the Ministry of Game Affairs subforums.
- At the same time persona non grata can still be reported by other players and be potentially punished with additional methods.

UP1.5 Support Chat Ban
- Only affects the Support Chat built-in the Unofficial Patch 1.5 Launcher. This punishment is not considered as player's rights-limitation. It's usually issued by Moderators for any reason, including spam, forbidden discussion (for example continuous questions about modding game, which should be posted at the forum instead).

Forum Ban
- Limit's player's right to disallow sending messages at forum.ee2.eu.

Discord Ban
- Limit's player's right to disallow sending and reading messages at EE2.eu Discord.

Ban from hosting Multiplayer Games
- Limit's player's rights to disallow the player from hosting Multiplayer games on the Lobby.
- It's used in very rare cases, for reasons such as: offensive game titles, continuous cheating by switching game settings or game handicaps right before game start, or being a very toxic host who acts like a dictator (kicking other players for no reason, discriminates players or insults them while being in "power" of hosting a game.

Multiplayer Lobby Messages Mute
- Five available variants:
* Lobby Messages Only
* Private Messages Only
* In-game Messages Only
* Lobby + Private Messages
* Lobby + Private Messages + In-game (Full Mute).
- Limit's player's rights to disallow the player from sending certain type (listed above) of all messages.
- This punishment has no effect in game rooms (after joining the host) or in game after start.
- The punished player can still receive any type of messages from players who are not muted.
- The punished player can still send game invites.
* Hosted game-rooms and started games (available since October 2020).

Multiplayer Lobby Ban
- Disallows the banned player from logging in to the Multiplayer Lobby. It disallows from using any Multiplayer features (seeing online players, messaging players, hosting games, joining games, etc.).

Unofficial Patch 1.5 Ban
- Disallows the banned player from starting game updated to Unofficial Patch 1.5. Users banned with this method are guided how to uninstall the patch to be able to play EE2 without it.
- This is a very serious punishment, usually not given for soft Multiplayer crimes (with exclusion of serious racism, death threats, insults toward the Ministry of Game Affairs institution and other serious reasons).
- According to $3.7 a) - the creator of Unofficial Patch 1.5 has full rights to ban the account if any player offend them for no reason or if they decide that the player's behavior harms the Empire Earth II community.
- Bans issued by the creator are fully understandable due to dedication in development of this project over years.

Options to Remove Punishments:

The Minister is able to replace, remove or reduce the time of player's rights blocking punishments using undocumented methods which require some simple tasks to be done. Those tasks might not be related to EE2 itself or might even not require Internet connection to be finished.
The approved tasks are set individually but are never methods that require additional payments (donations) or stuff like this.

Examples of "Tasks" that may be used:
Handwriting apology sentences multiple times. Example: viewtopic.php?p=24716#p24716

The punished player has rights to ask the Ministry for his punishment replacement (or time reduction) using the "undocumented method". The only thing needed is a serious apology and confirmation that the current punishment method which limits player's rights is fully accepted. The Minister has rights to deny this request, but then the punished player can post an appeal which would be reviewed by the Department of Justice.
Best regards,
Ministry of Game Affairs
Department of Control and Complains


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