Gamestats Server reconnect issues fixed by the KeepAlive Live-Update

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Gamestats Server reconnect issues fixed by the KeepAlive Live-Update

Post by Dr.MonaLisa »

Good morning.
Incoming Minor Update 157007 for Unofficial Patch 1.5 will contain the following changes:
- Repaired the Gamestats Server reconnect issues on the Multiplayer Lobby (affecting players with unstable Internet connection):
* The bug caused players statistics, leaderboards to not be shown after longer activity on the Lobby.
* The bug caused the Rating System to not work correctly when the host player lost the first connection to the GameStats module (missing game results data, game not counted).
* The bug was already present on the old GameSpy Lobby. It's an error in game code where "gamename" string is not added to the gamestats domain name. It then tries to resolve a domain starting with the dot " . " character and fails.
I'm happy to announce that today (08.03.2019) it was possible to already release a fix for those issues thanks to the UP1.5 Launcher KeepAlive thread.
It means, that waiting for the Minor Update is not required. Multiplayer Lobby users should not longer experience those issues. Thanks to player VLADISLAV00001 for providing useful information regarding this problem.

How does KeepAlive "Live Update" system work?
The Launcher connects to the advanced KeepAlive scripts at This thread was primary used as live-statistics counting (to show how many players are currently in game), but with time it was improved to also accept secured remote-commands. Remote commands can enable or disable UP1.5 Launcher features (in case of detected issues) or modify game memory. The second function already allows us to use Server-Controlled Observers-To-Players chatting feature in Multiplayer games. I also use some server-controlled workarounds to fix different "Disable Crowns System" status for players in case of loading a saved game.
Some days ago I disabled the "CANCEL" button during logging-in process (it's not longer active):

Code: Select all
Fortunately, this "quick CANCEL" bug allowed me to reproduce this issue and find what causes it. Therefore the "disabled CANCEL button" fix was replaced with fixes from the upcoming Minor Update :)
Fix explanation:
EE2_fixedGamestatsReconnects_BEFORE.png (131.49 KiB) Viewed 9154 times
EE2_fixedGamestatsReconnects_AFTER.exe.png (121.83 KiB) Viewed 9154 times
Please report if there are any problems detected on Multiplayer due to this fix. The positive feedback (with confirmation of reliability of this fix) is also welcome.
Best regards,
Ministry of Game Affairs
Department of Control and Complains

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