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lost 80 point in rated game

Posted: 09 Feb 2019, 15:29
by Elijah
i was playing rated game with player EE2Elite from the first second he started to lagg and the game was unplayable so i decided to leave the game

and thought i wont lose my point cause i could remember some game that i was playing with fercho and after he start to lagg about 20sec or more he quit the game but my score still was the same after game.
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hope u can help me


Re: lost 80 point in rated game

Posted: 09 Feb 2019, 16:14
by Dr.MonaLisa
Thanks for posting your issue. It's important to clarify things in forum topics to prevent repeating questions.

Unfortunately, after reviewing your case, the Department of Control is unable to issue points refund.
As stated in the similar topic: viewtopic.php?p=24352#p24352
Dr.MonaLisa wrote:
03 Jan 2019, 21:55
Please note that it's only the first-time exception, and such refunds won't be issued in the future.
- Although a lot of things have been done (session IDs system, etc.) the rating system on Lobby is still in the "BETA" stage. Until it has status "Stable" everything is possible, including incorrect counting or missing games. This is hard to verify and the Department of Control will not issue points refunds for all games.
- Game crashes can be caused by users intentionally by editing the game process memory (for example with programs like Cheat Engine). Because of that it's impossible to verify reliability of those reports.
- If the problem (game crashes) is repeating - please visit the Support Chat in the UP1.5 Launcher. We will generate checksums of EE2 files and try to find a solution.

Every report case is verified individually. This time we decided to make a refund as exception and because other players in game weren't rewarded with points (for "game too short" reason). If similar report is created in the future, this decision can not be used as example, because most likely will be negative.
In this case you quit the game yourself due to an unacceptable lag caused by the other player, not due to a game crash. I understand that you weren't sure how the rating system works, but it doesn't change the fact you left game yourself. From what I can see (missing blue color on nickname) some third-party player was a host and observer of this game. It complicates things even more, because the "signal" about your quit was received correctly by the Rating System functions on the Server.

Short games are indeed not counted, but only for the winners. It's to prevent point-cheating abuses. Therefore a player who quits always loses points. It also helps to avoid issues where player leaves a rated game on start for a "bad map" reason. If the game wasn't counted then, many rated games would end up with players quitting at start, just to protect their points.

Next time please do not start rated games with this player and in case of similar lag problems - please keep waiting. The game should disconnect the player automatically after 60 seconds (or less) in case of repeating "waiting".

Another reason why this refund can't be issued is the requirement of the manual database modification by me. This is a dangerous process, where any mistake could damage users data and the whole "eco system" of the Rating. Those things are synchronized with multiple tables (Rating System Log, Games Log, Users Rating, and more). All of them need to be updated at the same time to avoid problems. This is possible but very time consuming, and if such exceptions were done everyday - I would have a lot of (quite senseless) work to do.

Please feel free to ask if you have any other questions regarding the Rating System.

Re: lost 80 point in rated game

Posted: 10 Feb 2019, 08:10
by Elijah
thank you dear mona