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Re: Changes in the Ministry of Game Affairs since 02.01.2019!

Posted: 07 Mar 2020, 11:36
by Dr.MonaLisa
Changes in the Ministry of Game Affairs since 07.03.2020:
- Department of History (Department of EE2 History and Oldschool Players). New Minister: Laetitian.

Congratulations to the new Minister! Laetitian was one of a very few players who tested the BETA versions of UP1.5 (although I knew him before that). Singe begining he's listed as contributor at:
Laetitian is known from being a nice and polite player, with a high personal culture. Over years he has been giving good ideas, and his feedback helped to get UP1.5 to the stage we have now.
Although Laetitian can only provide information about the modern EE2 History, this doesn't limit his competences in any way. Most of required things from years before 2011 has already been found, discussed, and posted on the forum. Thanks to my personal dedication regarding EE2 History, most of things have been fully automated and are present on the website. This is for example the Rating System Log: and Leaderboards History: The modern EE2 History is also present on this forum, which is a collection of all information regarding EE2 since year 2010.
The new Minister will especially help us to make the right "general" (non-department related) decisions. This is the most important thing in the Ministry, outside busy Departments (like Justice and Control).

Once again, congratulations to Laetitian!