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Punishments for Multiplayer users who bypassed the Anti-Scout Glitch fixes added to Unofficial Patch 1.5

Posted: 07 Nov 2017, 01:51
by Dr.MonaLisa
According to Minor Update 156011 (13 Jul 2017): viewtopic.php?p=20488#p20488
- Partially fixed "Scout Trick" (aka. "Scout Glitch"). Scouts are now forced to move out of the construction site area. Unfortunately Scouts can still block or delay buildings construction if the opponent spams the move orders on the construction site area. This fix causes crowns powers affecting Spies to also affect Scouts. The "Scout Trick" was legal in Empire Earth 2 Multiplayer, since 1st of April 2011, legalized by: 'Gov. Act I: LoSG - Legalization of "Scout Glitch" - Scout trick': viewtopic.php?f=58&t=1692
The Scout Glitch has been fixed to make players stop using it.
Unfortunately, some of the Multiplayer members decided to cheat on the Unofficial Patch 1.5 fixes and started using the "Patrol" feature to block buildings.
This behavior is totally unacceptable, because players are not allowed to bypass once fixed glitches. This is a punishable behavior.

In Minor Update 156013 (12 Sep 2017):
- Improved the partial fix for the "Scout Trick" (aka. "Scout Glitch"). Scouts have no longer the Patrol ability. It's to prevent abuses in Multiplayer games (issue claim by the Department of Control).
Unfortunately, we have received reports that the new fix ruins AI players behavior in Single Player games

(AI players pause and are not doing anything else), so we reverted it in Minor Update 156014 (25 Sep 2017):
- Reverted the last partial fix for the "Scout Trick", because it sometimes caused AI players to hang when scouts were unable to Patrol.
After that, the Department of Control of the Ministry of Game Affairs informed players on the Multiplayer Lobby that Scout Trick will be tracked and punishable.

In Minor Update 156017 the Patrol feature has been disabled for Scouts:
- Improved the partial fix for the "Scout Trick" (aka. "Scout Glitch"). Scouts have no longer the Patrol ability. It's to prevent abuses in Multiplayer games. The similar fix was added to Minor Update 156013, but was reverted in 156014 because of AI players hang problems.
The update required many hours of work to change this option, and even more hours for stability tests. Also the update release had to be speed-up to protect Multiplayer players from illegal games. That's why, before Minor Update 156017 release, the Department of Control has decided to punish players who initialized usage of another game glitch:

The list of punished players (will be updated after full verification process, and checking which players used the illegal Anti-Scout-Trick fix bypass):

1. KayOne - the player who used the Scout Patrol Glitch as first and showed it to other players.
(08.11.2017 00:08) - once again this player bypasses the new Minor Update 156017 Scout Glitch fixes. Punishment: Banned from hosting games for 3 months (until 08.02.2018) (this player can still join other games). Video showing illegal behavior:

Best regards,
High Representative Dr.MonaLisa
Ministry of Game Affairs
Department of Control and Complains