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Re: Alae - provocative behavior

Posted: 01 May 2017, 09:10
by TheGrouchDE

The Ministry of Game Affairs has decided to close this topic with the following result:

Alae(cracos) will be muted on the multiplayer chat for 7 days for offending Mona and other players as "gay", general disrepect against other players and provoking them as well and repeatedly using strong language against above called either.

Johns(JohnsAreNowhere) will will be muted for 3 days for offending cracos and general provoking as well.

Ministry of Game Affairs

Re: Alae - provocative behavior

Posted: 01 May 2017, 09:45
by Dr.MonaLisa
The Department of Control confirms receivery of the decision. The mutes have been executed on 01.05.2017 ~09:30.
Alae (cracos) will be muted until: 08.05.2017 ~09:30.
Rem (Johns) will be muted until: 04.05.2017 ~09:30.

Mutes are not bans. Mutes affect only private/lobby messages sent by the mentioned users. Messages in game are not blocked.
After mute expire, the Department of Control will check if the mentioned users didn't create new accounts / tried to cheat the mute. If we detect irregulations it may result in punishment like: lifetime ban, reset of the skirmish/tournament rating. So please accept the punishment especially when it's not too long.

Have a nice day.
(Department of Control)