Gov. Act III: UP1.5 - Unofficial Patch 1.5 Act (also affects UP1.6 users)

New EE2 Government (since: 01.03.2014), everything about the EE2 management. You can report other players here.
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Gov. Act III: UP1.5 - Unofficial Patch 1.5 Act (also affects UP1.6 users)

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The "Gov. Act III: UP1.5 - Unofficial Patch 1.5 Act" Poll has been closed on 03.08.2014, 08:30 CET with score:
In accordance with the RULES of the Polls, the Act has been accepted with score: 11[Positive votes] : 2[Negative votes] - 84.61...% of [Positive votes]


III   Unofficial Patch 1.5 Act

$3.1 The Act applies instantly after Unofficial Patch 1.5 is released, until it's removed by any other Act.

$3.2 Unofficial Patch 1.5 is accepted by the "Empire Earth II Government" and is legal in Empire Earth II and Empire Earth II: The Art of Supremacy:
a) Every player who install Unofficial Patch 1.5 accepts the rules described in this Act and the other Government Acts / Rules.
b) The information about rules is included in the description of Unofficial Patch 1.5's install program and is visible in the Official Patch 1.5's Download Topic.
c) The Unofficial Patch 1.5 will be NOT released if this Act will be not accepted.

$3.3 Unofficial Patch 1.5 includes changes and new features described in the Official Download Topic.
a) Unofficial Patch 1.5 doesn't remove any existing game options / settings / features.
b) Unofficial Patch 1.5 is an Open-Source Project. The information for modders, developers will be shared in "Development Diary: EE2, EE2X - Unofficial patch 1.5" topic, shortly after UP1.5 release.

$3.4 Unofficial Patch 1.5 collects anonymous usage statistics:
a) Every player is able to disable the statistics by editing the Configuration File after patch installation.
b) The following information are collected and sent directly to the creator of Unofficial Patch 1.5 (Dr.MonaLisa):
- Country where you play EE2 in, and the type of a started game (Single player or Multiplayer);
- Operation System (Windows) version and the current launcher version (build);
- Your desktop's screen resolution, maximum possible screen resolution, and the screen resolution used by EE2;
- The name of installed mod (for example: "EE4 Mod", "Realistic Mod", etc.).
c) No other information (not described in $3.4b) is collected.
d) All connections to the server are SSL protected.
e) In the future the creator of Unofficial Patch 1.5 will create a statistics web-page, so every player will be able to check aforementioned information.

$3.5 The Unofficial Patch 1.5's Launcher connects to the Internet for the following reasons:
a) Single player/Multiplayer: To check for the UP1.5 updates;
b) Single player/Multiplayer: To check for the "IMPORTANT" News Messages (from the community life) which appear hardly ever;
c) Multiplayer: To check if the player's nickname is not banned (check $3.6 for more details);
d) Single player/Multiplayer: To send anonymous statistics (described in: $3.4).

$3.6 Unofficial Patch 1.5 has a built-in banning system:
a) The banning-system is enabled only for the Multiplayer/LAN games.
b) Information about banned accounts are downloaded in accordance with $3.5.
c) For security reasons it's impossible to disable the banning-system manually.
d) The Unofficial Patch 1.5's launcher checks if the player's nickname or the host's nickname is not banned.
e) If the account is banned UP1.5 displays a message about it with detailed ban reasons, help link and then exits.
f) The information for who and when someone is able to ban an account are described in: 3.7$.
g) The banned players are allowed to uninstall the unofficial version (1.5) of the game and play on the official version (1.0-1.2).

$3.7 Information about ban reasons and the people who are able to ban accounts (with reference to $3.6):
a) The creator of Unofficial Patch 1.5 (Dr.MonaLisa) has full rights to ban the account if any player offend them for no reason or if they decide that the player's behavior harms the Empire Earth II community.
b) Only Department of Control is able to issue bans, but the Department of Control cannot issue a ban until the Department of Justice clears it as just.
c) For breaking a government rule, the Ministry of Game Affairs will discuss about potential ban for the player who broke it.  
d) The rules of fair-play are described in the other Empire Earth II Government Acts and Agreements (you can read them by visiting the New Empire Earth II Government subforum).  
e) Every ban affects only "Empire Earth II" / "Empire Earth II: The Art of Supremacy" with installed Unofficial Version 1.5. The LAN programs (like: GameRanger, Hamachi, Tunngle) are not affected.  
f) The ban is really the last resort, the government is not allowed to block any player for no sufficient reason.  
g) If you feel that you have been wrongly charged, you may ask the Department of Justice for a trial, note that if you do not have legitimate evidence to back up your claim, wont get you unbanned.

The Act has been cooperated prepared by the Ministry of Game Affairs:
Department of Justice - Minister: xRedWonderx (Fireheart2);
Department of Control - Minister: Leader (Dr.MonaLisa);
Best regards,
Ministry of Game Affairs
Department of Control and Complains


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