Problems with players

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Problems with players

Post by xRedWonderx » 07 Jun 2014, 06:09

just to help mona out (mona you can remove/ move this if it is in the wrong place) Report players with rude behaviors here, and we will get it sorted out as best as we can.


Ill start the list with one player who was accusing me of cheating, and rage quit from the game, kicked my from the lobby, and then blocked me. First of all i do not have any cheats, i dont know how this person with the Gameranger name of twana, thinks i have cheats by surrounding him/her territory wise. if this person doesn't know how to play very well, it is not my fault. Please mona, if you can get into contact with this person, please explain my case to this person.

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Re: Problems with players

Post by Dr.MonaLisa » 08 Jun 2014, 07:15

I need his GameRanger ID (there are many players with nickname "twana" using GameRanger).

Soon the problems like this one will be solved by Unofficial Patch 1.5 with:
- 3-security levels banning system.
- Global messages sent directly to players after games.
(more details soon)

Next time please make screenshots as proof, and upload recorded playback to a topic on the forum.

For now we can't really punish somebody for acucusing of cheating, but I'm thinking of a new Act which will descibe legal and illegal game glitches. But first UP1.5 has to be released with all features that help us to identify problems.
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Ministry of Game Affairs
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Re: Problems with players

Post by Coo1 » 30 Jan 2017, 00:36

Here is another complaint, perhaps it is not customary to place reference here, for what I am asking a pardon.

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