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Gov. Act I: LoSG - Legalization of "Scout Glitch" - Scout trick

Posted: 01 Mar 2014, 00:08
by Dr.MonaLisa
Image Amending Act / Law
Amending acts are law accepted by more than 50% of all EE2 players who voted in the poll.

Link to the Official Poll and Topic created: 22.02.2010, which decided to legalizate "Scout Glitching": ... cout-trick
On 18th March 2010 the poll has been closed with score:
From all the players who voted 10/18 wanted to legalize "scout glitching".
On 16 March 2010, the Act has been sent to "Crisis Staff of Empire Earth II". Members of Crisis Staff voted, and on 18th March 2010 the poll has been closed with score:
I   Legalization of "Scout Glitch" - Scout trick

$1.1 "Scout glitch" - Scout trick is legal in Empire Earth II.

$1.2 Scout trick isn't a "glitch" and shouldn't be called: "glitch".

$1.3 Using the other glitches as revenge for "scout trick" is strictly prohibited and "prosecuted ex officio" by Ministry of Game Affairs, Department of Control and Department of Justice.

$1.4 If somebody glitched/cheated against you as revenge for "scout trick", please:
- Find a playback file of the game when this happened. Unofficial Patch 1.4 enables "game recording from start" feature automatically.
- If you don't remember what game it was, use this software to find the right file, by checking chat logs: Empire Earth II Playback (.e2s) to ChatLog Converter by Dr Mona Lisa
- Create a topic in New Empire Earth II Government subforum or at the forum. Upload the right playback file and write about the problem. The Ministry of Game Affairs will check the playback as fast as possible, and punish the player who used the glitch. The punishment is lawly regulated by Department of Justice.

$1.5 The act applies since 1st April 2011, until it's removed by any other Act.

$1.6 Until 01.04.2011 there are the same rules as before. The act has been accepted so you should inform the players about it (for example by sending them a link to this topic).

$1.7 The games without "scout trick" are still allowed in Empire Earth II. If any player who isn't an observer ask to don't use the scout trick, and every player accept it - all the players who are in the game shouldn't use the scout trick. If a single player don't accept this rule - the game should start with available scout trick, regulated by this Government Act.

$1.8 If the player who's hosting a game (described in $1.7) kicks you because you don't accept the rule to "don't use the scout trick" - please report this problem to Ministry of Game Affairs on the forum. It does not apply to other rules like: "no spies", "no nukes", etc. Empire Earth II government is fighting against exclusion of players who obey the law.

Re: Gov. Act I: LoSG - Legalization of "Scout Glitch" - Scout trick

Posted: 07 Nov 2017, 03:15
by Dr.MonaLisa
According to Unofficial Patch 1.5 Minor Update 156011 (13 Jul 2017): viewtopic.php?p=20488#p20488 and Minor Update 156017 (07 Nov 2017): viewtopic.php?p=23717#p23717
- Partially fixed "Scout Trick" (aka. "Scout Glitch"). Scouts are now forced to move out of the construction site area. Unfortunately Scouts can still block or delay buildings construction if the opponent spams the move orders on the construction site area. This fix causes crowns powers affecting Spies to also affect Scouts.
- Improved the partial fix for the "Scout Trick" (aka. "Scout Glitch"). Scouts have no longer the Patrol ability. It's to prevent abuses in Multiplayer games. The similar fix was added to Minor Update 156013, but was reverted in 156014 because of AI players hang problems.
The "Act I: LoSG - Legalization of "Scout Glitch" - Scout trick" has been officially cancelled on 13 of July 2017.
Legal basis:
$1.5 The act applies since 1st April 2011, until it's removed by any other Act.
Gov. Act III: UP1.5 - Unofficial Patch 1.5 Act : viewtopic.php?f=58&t=1716
$3.2 b) The information about rules is included in the description of Unofficial Patch 1.5's install program and is visible in the Official Patch 1.5's Download Topic.
$3.3 Unofficial Patch 1.5 includes changes and new features described in the Official Download Topic.
Since the Scout Glitch was fixed by Unofficial Patch 1.5, there is no reason to keep the Act active. Players who continue using the scout glitch (for example by bypassing UP1.5 fixes) will be punished by the Ministry of Game Affairs.