Information about the New Empire Earth II Government

New EE2 Government (since: 01.03.2014), everything about the EE2 management. You can report other players here.
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Information about the New Empire Earth II Government

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What's the New Empire Earth II Government?
The New Empire Earth II Government is a part of Empire Earth II Community. Every Empire Earth II player who uses Unofficial Version 1.4 accepts the government's rules and Amending Acts (Government law).
The government has been created on 1st July 2011 to help keep Empire Earth 2 Community Alive, and to help Empire Earth 2 players solve their problems with the game and the players.

What's new in the New Empire Earth II Government?
Four Ministries: MoEHaOP, MoFA, MoCWaED, MoJ have changed into one Ministry of Game Affairs
The Ministry of Game Affairs has many departments and Ministers. For more information about Departments of Ministry of Game Affairs, check this topic:

What with "Presidency Clan"?
The policy of "Presidency Clan" has been cancelled. There's no other active Empire Earth 2 Forum except ~eW`~>FORUM, that's why the subforums of Empire Earth II Government will stay here forever. Every Empire Earth 2 player has a chance to be the Minister of selected Department. If you want to be a part of the people who help the comminity - simply create a topic with your application in this subforum (New Empire Earth II Government).

Who's the new Prime Minister of the Government?
Nobody, however the "Department of Control and Complaints" is allowed to hire and fire Ministers.
Best regards,
Ministry of Game Affairs
Department of Control and Complains

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