[TheLocalFisherman] TheLocalFisherman GOT KICKED FROM ~eWA`

Lists and posts of all players which ever been in our clan.
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[TheLocalFisherman] TheLocalFisherman GOT KICKED FROM ~eWA`

Post by Dr.MonaLisa »

Not much to write,
We had a poll:


My first post from the poll:
Leader wrote:TheLocalFisherman - joined ~eWA`: 19/12/2012, last visit on the forum: 15/01/2013, 12:44

There is no problem, but I never seen him on GameRanger... I'm wondering if he ever used it.
He was on the forum, after Mkl's post in this topic: http://www.forum.ee2.eu/t1591-application-by-thelocalfisherman
And he didn't answer, didn't defend himself.

So let's vote...
Btw. the poll can be cancelled if we detect that he plays Empire Earth II on GameRanger.
[quote="~eW`~>Mattynever been actived...
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