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Empire Earth market

Posted: 10 Oct 2021, 15:29
by Cory1985
Hi Everyone,

thanks for all the help with my previous questions.

Does anyone know where I can find the Market Trade file for the game? Like in the game when you wood at the market the price goes up and when you sell it , it goes down. In AOE2 the market is universal , which means you buying and selling influences the other players market prices.

I am wondering if the games market properties can be adjusted ?
I have looked in AIP files and cant find anything regarding the market.

Re: Empire Earth market

Posted: 10 Oct 2021, 20:06
by Dr.MonaLisa
I found these configuration values in the executable:

Code: Select all

006275CE  PUSH 00CD69CC                            ASCII "s_economyManagerDefaultPurchasePrice"
006275EE  PUSH 00CD6A24                            ASCII "s_economyManagerDefaultSalePrice"
0062760E  PUSH 00CD6A48                            ASCII "s_economyManagerDefaultInflationRate"
0062762E  PUSH 00CD6A70                            ASCII "s_economyManagerDefaultDeflationRate"
0062764E  PUSH 00CD6A98                            ASCII "s_economyManagerMinimumPrice"
00627671  PUSH 00CD6AB8                            ASCII "s_economyManagerMaximumPrice"
I suppose "s_economyManagerMinimumPrice" and "s_economyManagerMaximumPrice" is what you're looking for.

This should be placed to file "myconfig.cfg" (EE2) or "myconfig_EE2X.cfg" (EE2: AOS).

If it doesn't work, then you would need to use Unofficial Patch 1.5's config files:
"myconfig_sim.cfg" (EE2) or "myconfig_sim_EE2X.cfg".

Editing the _sim.cfg files will make it impossible for you to play with the other players on Multiplayer (checksum mismatch). Also, your changes will be overwritten after installing every Minor Update of Unofficial Patch 1.5.

So remember to save your edits somewhere, and after update apply your changes again.