Empire Earth IV v9.8.0 (English)

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Empire Earth IV v9.8.0 (English)

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Empire Earth IV v9.8.0 (English)

EE4 9.8.0 + 1.5 English
Version with support for the 1.5 patch Dr. MonaLisa with all the bonuses that the patch gives. The main thing is fewer problems with new ones.
operating systems and the ability to play multiplayer on Dr.MonaLisa servers

EE4 9.8.0 English - developer version
(Developer version without patch 1.5 - probably the oldest computers will have more fps)

Project support



To make it work fine:
1. Disable dynamic lighting and shadows in the graphics settings (by default it should be disabled).

2. The minimum system requirements for a comfortable game are not lower than the configuration:
Intel (R) Core (TM) i3-2120 CPU 3.30GHz
RAM 4.00 GB
AMD Radeon HD 7700 Series Graphics

3. Although the game supports 10,000 units, be realistic, in battles with settings above the following, lags, slideshows, etc are possible:
Maximum card size no more than 200 * 200
The maximum number of units is not more than 1000 for the whole game
The maximum number of AI is not more than 4
We do not select the mode with the maximum amount of resources.

4. There may be problems with windows 8, 10.
Please visit https://vk.com/topic-51051367_44827819 for troubleshooting


Empire Earth IV v9.7.0 (9.8.0)


1 Non-military victories.
All old non-military victories will be reworked, grouped in one place, and more balanced.
They can be used in any single player game, and not in any particular scenario.

In brief, the three main types of such victories
1 Economic - collect a large amount of a certain resource
2 Collecting items to obtain a monopoly in one of the industries (former monopolist)
3 Indirect action on other countries (action of spies, priests and merchants)

In detail:
This will be realized as a choice of government. First, the Senate is built - it examines one of six types of government.
After researching the type of board, the corresponding management building is constructed. There are 6 such buildings, each such building destroys
the remaining 5 buildings - i.e. several forms of government cannot exist simultaneously.
This is:
1 Military Dictatorship - Military Directorate (formerly Tribal Union)
+ Each enemy killed will bring a profit in the form of resources.
+ Ability to hire a hero in the corresponding era
- Own economy in decline

2 Trade empire - seat of the trade company / guild (formerly trade empire)
++ Having collected 1,000,000 gold - the ability to destroy any enemy instantly
+ Ability to build specialized traders for each resource
- Own manufacturing economy in decline

3 Industrial corporation - seat of the mining company / guild
++ Having collected 500,000 food, wood and stone each - the ability to destroy any enemy instantly
++ The ability to collect all the items of one industry, become a monopolist and be able to destroy any enemy instantly.
- absent

4 Religious state (theocratic) - Holy Synod (formerly a religious order)
+ Discounts on the price and construction time of the priest (they are able to passively recruit buildings and units of neutral / hostile countries - indirect (non-military) subjugation of a foreign / neutral country)
- absent

5 Scientific state (noocratic) - Union of Academies
++ Having collected those 500,000 points - the ability to destroy any enemy instantly
- absent

6 Spy State (totalitarian) - General Directorate of Security (formerly Masonic lodge)
+ Discounts on the price and construction time of a spy (they are able to infect peasants, sabotage military factories - indirect (non-military) subjugation of a foreign neutral country)
+ Discounts on the price and construction time of the merchant (they are able to bribe buildings and units of neutral / hostile countries - indirect (non-military) subjugation of a foreign neutral country)
- absent

2. ************************
Items. Removing unnecessary items. The ones that are will become more effective.

Items will no longer spawn just like that, they can be hired in the buildings they spawn from.
There will be no more heaps of the same type of objects on the ground that interfere with the passage.

The production time of the items will not be long, they will have a high price!
Other items that previously accelerated the production of items in the chain will now reduce the cost of creation.
As a resource millionaire, you can build all the items at once!
No artificial time delays - only resource-based (natural, objective reasons - I haven't collected resources yet)!

3. ************************
Pangea and Mediterranean maps have been changed.
A lot of territories are generated on the pangea map. Previously, the number of territories was equal to the number of players +1 (original EE2).
Fish are now generated on Pangea and Mediterranean maps.
All AIs now build their fleets on Pangea and Mediterranean maps (but not everything is fast, and not always Docks are located near the city center).
AI on Mediterranean and Pangea maps has become playable (previously, not all AIs built docks, not all AIs drove a fleet on the sea).

4. ************************
Text explanations for items, buildings and civilian units will have a convenient and understandable look.
The system of text prompts includes a ladder with numbers - the order of production (you can understand where the chain branches).


Empire Earth IV v9.6.0

Version 9.6.0 Description
Link to topic in group

1. Added a new well-developed and scripted scenario "Tank Ace". The script contains targets, conditions of defeat, a video insert, numerous dialogues and text messages. There are two ways to win and many ramifications in the passage. This should be interesting!
Old scripts are hidden (they can still be opened through the normal menu).

2. The text descriptions of all military units are now indicated: their role in battle, strengths and weaknesses. These are hints for using the unit correctly.

3. Introduced a semblance of inflation (remotely similar to RoN).
1. Penalty for extension
Each additional city in your state increases the level of bureaucracy and embezzlement, as a result all units begin to build 3% longer and 12% more expensive.
2. Scientific and religious conflict
Each university in your state teaches atheism, as a result, priests in temples begin to build 12% longer and 15% more expensive.
Each temple in your state preaches a religion, as a result, all units in universities begin to build 12% longer and 15% more expensive.

4. Research in the academy now unlocks unique units and unique buildings:
In the 1st era in the academy, as a result of the research chain, you can open a slave:
fishing - sailing - slave!
In the 3rd era - you can open the library:
alphabet - writing - literature - Library!
In the 6th era - you can open the foreman:
Design - engineering - foreman!
In the 8th era - you can open the manager:
Paper - standardization - manager !!
In the 11th era - you can open a modern library:
Industrialization - radio - library!

5. Text descriptions of scientific research research institutes now fully explain which research will follow the opening (with a description of the possible effects of the research).
6. The functions of the Jesuit and the counterintelligence officer have been transferred to the spy. AI, just like in the original EE2, can use a spy, including restoring sabotaged buildings.

7. Changed the transition time by epoch, it became shorter, and more like the transition in the original EE2

8. Siege weapons and artillery before the 11th era are now slow and slow-moving. They slow down the army when moving in one unit.

9. Additional function of the priest (works for AI). Each priest has a 1% chance to attract an allied, neutral or enemy citizen or warrior located nearby (without using an active effect). There is also a 0.5% chance of attracting a neutral or enemy structure to your side if a cleric passes by.

10. Changed music in eras, for individual countries, as well as in the main menu.
11. Removed / removed many non-working or poorly working things (
12. Many bugs have been fixed (far from all!)
13. Changes to the balance (the balance is not completely finished yet)

14. Fortresses and outposts now have dead zones.
15. Minesweeper can no longer carry mines (and people, respectively, too)
16. The effectiveness of items giving armor (armor effect) increased to 15% for one item.
17. Pop limit for all officers reduced to 5
18. The cost of rocket silos and missiles in them has been increased.
19. Ammunition is different in price for different types of units (price range: 10 - 20 - 30 -50 saltpeter)
20. In the map editor, many secondary buildings are now shown at the end of the list.
21. Removed the ability to create your own civilization and your troops (it did not work and led to crashes).
22. The number of anti-aircraft defenses per territory increased to 6
23. Increased the number of towers per territory to 8
24. A limitation has been introduced on the number of city blocks per territory (only 1 type of block - 1 territory).

Description of previous versions:
Version 9.5.0 Description

1. All equipment in need is given the opportunity to replenish ammunition
2. Adjusted sounds, including quarries, and noises when selecting different buildings.
3. Edited visual effects: reduced the number of flying particles when hitting a building with a projectile, fixed shadows for many units.
4. Change of tactical battles. Swapped the ranges of the cannons and howitzers (howitzers were universal guns, in fact, there was no need for guns). All types of infantry were added in the 11-14 era. Including a sapper, who can lay mines, build fortifications. For these purposes, the players are given resources, but they are still not enough to build workers. In the 11-14 era, aviation and helicopters were added to all, now there are all types of troops. Added airfields. I recommend playing the king of the hill - there the infantry will be more needed to capture counter. points.
5. Resource extraction efficiency has been changed. In general, mining has become more difficult. Research is cheaper and faster. Methods for extracting resources in terms of efficiency are more logical. See related post in thread: http://vk.com/topic-51051367_31321957
6. Countries are now more different. Each country has two attributes that characterize it. The differences between countries are now much greater, from this you can now build a game. See related post in thread: http://vk.com/topic-51051367_31321957
7. The balance of military units has been changed. In a nutshell - different units require different resources, but no more than two, one of them is food. Purpose: in order to hire certain units, it is not necessary to get everything, you can only get food and something else - this allows you to create an army faster. At the same time, since resources are finite, over time, there will be nothing to hire certain types of units. See related post in thread: http://vk.com/topic-51051367_31321957
8. Fixed all items. Purpose: there are fewer effects from items, they are similar for similar types of goods. easier to remember, more convenient to balance. Now only the last item in the production chain has an effect, but the more the last items, the stronger the effect, we pay for this by reducing the population. See related post in thread: http://vk.com/topic-51051367_31321957
9. The vehicle population has been changed again. in a nutshell - downward.
10. Fixed bugs http://vk.com/topic-51051367_29592181


Version 9.4.1 Description
1. Items / Crafts / Industry - a new milestone in terms of non-military capabilities of the game. Her latest and most unusual innovation4.
More details: http://vk.com/topic-51051367_28970040
2. Ecology / New roads - the concept of ecology appears in the game, and some rudiments of a city-planning simulator.
More details: http://vk.com/topic-51051367_28970054
3. New tactics in later eras, new balance - I have summarized all the main changes in the new tactics, brought them into a rational form. Now the tank is really a tank, and the infantry is the infantry.
More details: http://vk.com/topic-51051367_28970291
4. Research institutes, discoveries and upgrades of technology - what everyone has been waiting for for so long, the gradual discovery of technology in the era, the pumping of technology. Own line of tanks, planes, ships for many countries!
More details: http://vk.com/topic-51051367_28970347
5. Scientific discoveries at the Academy - Full-fledged scientific discoveries are introduced, they are studied in a special building, discoveries follow one after another, have their own tree. The discoveries are finally useful, they really affect the gameplay.
More details: http://vk.com/topic-51051367_28970400ht ... /drevo.jpg
6. Wonders of the World. Wonders of the world bonuses. Monuments, Dip. mission. - about a hundred new wonders of the world, each country has its own unique wonders of the world that appear in different eras. Now the Pentagon will never build in Russia, and the Parthenon in the USA. Everything fell into place, and as it should have been originally.
Miracles have their own clear bonuses, they can found various religions. You can also build monuments, dip. missions and many other unique buildings.
More details: http://vk.com/topic-51051367_28970414
7. Alternative Development: Tribal Union, Christian Order, Masonic Secret Society, Trade Empire. Levelable heroes: Odysseus and The Last Samurai.
The ability to win the game by becoming a monopolist in a certain craft http://vk.com/topic-51051367_28390326
8. Improvement of visual effects, textures.


General description of the game:
Empire Earth IV is a mod (in fact, a new game) for the game Empire Earth 2 - The Art of Supremacy.
Empire Earth IV is a real-time strategy game, the main features of which are:

1. 15 eras of development from prehistoric to the future. There is a transition between eras.
Each era has economic (crafts and industries open according to the era)
and political peculiarities (in the dark ages, you can choose the path of a nomadic tribe, in the Middle Ages, a knightly order),
own historical sets of military units (t34-85 for the Red Army and Pz5 Panther for the Wehrmacht, etc.),
combat techniques change with the development of the eras (the phalanx of hoplites in antiquity, linear tactics in the era of gunpowder, tank blitzkriegs in wwII).
In general, an attempt to achieve the individuality / atmosphere of each era.

2.18 countries divided into 5 regions: European (Russia, Germany, France, Italy, Greece, England, USA), Middle East (Turkey, Egypt, Babylon),
Far Eastern (China, Japan, Korea), African (Zulu, Massai), Mesoamerican (Maya, Inca, Aztecs).
Each country has its own economic and political bonuses, wonders of the world, a full set of individual warriors.
The idea is the same - the individuality of countries, the most individual are European countries.

3. Developed economic component:
At the first stage, the usual extraction of resources along the ore - warehouse chain.
On the second, the creation of specialized buildings: from a sawmill, mining mines, to smelters and oil refineries.
At the last stage, the creation of full-fledged crafts and industries with the crafting of the corresponding items
(for example, the presence of clothing increases the HP for soldiers, the presence of copper increases the strength of siege weapons, and aluminum increases the strength of aircraft.)

4. Developed political component:
The ability to choose the political course of the country (becomes a nomadic tribe, the order of the Jesuits, etc.).
The ability to win by becoming a monopolist in certain industries.
A wide range of specialized units: spies, priests, merchants, full-fledged heroes with pumping.
The presence of social characteristics of their state - the level of wealth, happiness, health, religion, etc.
The ability to influence the social characteristics of one's own and neighboring states with the help of objects (poison or barrels of wine, for example), the effects of Wonders of the World,
diplomatic buildings, monuments.

5.Enhanced research tree:
In all eras, research is expensive, but really useful.
In modern eras, in scientific research institutes (research institutes) we open tanks, ships and planes.
P.S. And many other improvements.


General theme with development, most detailed changes:
9.6.0 https://vk.com/topic-51051367_36149391
9.5.0 http://vk.com/topic-51051367_31321957
9.4.0 http://vk.com/topic-51051367_28390326

Mod group http://vk.com/empire_earth_4_mod

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