New City Centre names

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New City Centre names

Post by Sat42 »

Hey all,

So you know how you can edit dbtext_territory_names.utf8 to add new territory names, yes?

I couldn't find some similar file for city centre names.

According to the beginners guide to the EE2 Map Editor, the Territory Properties panel, "City Name:", will determine the name of any city centre built in that territory BUT a city centre that is already positioned on the map at the start of the scenario will have a city name based on the player who owns it, not based on the Territory Properties.

The guide goes on to say (quoting):
"If you really must place a city centre on the map to begin with, there is another way to name cities.Double click on the city centre. An Object Properties panel should come up, with details about the city centre's characteristics. One of these characteristics will be "Display Name". There will be a string of text that reads like this: "tx_ms_cityname_London". The text is the computer's label for the city of London. You can alter it to change the name that EEII applies to that city centre, so long as EEII recognises the line "tx_ms_cityname_YourCityName" as a valid label."

If I put "SillySimon" in place of "YourCityName", that is not a valid label! How can I add new valid city names?

Any help is much appreciated :)

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Re: New City Centre names

Post by Dr.MonaLisa »

* All text must use localized strings

A localized string is simply a call to a text database where your text lives. Having all text in an outside database makes it easier to troubleshoot and translate, should the mood strike you. All text that you wish to display in your scenario, either through messages you display through your script or custom display names you set in the editor, must be in the form of a string that can be found and edited in an external file in the text database.

To add an entry to the text db, you need to download and use an editing program like BabelPad™ and make sure you save the file with the prefix "usertext" as in usertext_myscenario.utf8. Next, make a folder called "db" in your "EE2\Run" directory and drop the .utf8 file in a "Text" folder within the "db" folder. Next, start making up strings:

usertext_myscenario_beginning,"""In the beginning…"""
usertext_myscenario_cornchips,"""there were plenty of corn chips…"""

Make sure you end the file with a hard return, or else you'll likely get some kind of error.
And as I posted here:
In this case, you can use file: zips\dbtext_cheats.utf8 (EDITED IN: Unofficial Patch Files\EXEGeneratorData\TextsSource.txt ). Once you finish editing, then delete zips\dbtext_cheats.utf8 so it gets re-generated. There are free entries:
Which can be used by other scenarios which are included to UP1.5.
The "futuretext" method is the simplest one, because it doesn't affect the current UP1.5 installation (can still connect to Multiplayer users). Once you finish creating your scenario, I can copy-over your texts to the main UP1.5 installer, so the scenario distribution is easier.
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Re: New City Centre names

Post by Sat42 »

Excellent thank you Mona! I will return here if I have issues with implementing this approach (can't look at it right now)
cheers :)
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