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Unit attack speed

Posted: 14 Oct 2020, 14:38
by Sat42
I was running some tests and one yielded an interesting result:
- if you pit a Roman Legionnaire against a Greek Hoplite (both factions being in Epoch 1 for instance), the Hoplite wins despite having less attack (Roman Heavy Infantry bonus makes the Legionnaire have 8+1 attack); the Hoplite has 90 HP against the Legionnaire's 83 HP but 10x9 is 90 and 10x8 is 80, so for the same attack speed the Roman Legionnaire ought to prevail; the conclusion is that the Hoplite has a faster attack speed than the Legionnaire.

Discounting my distaste for this, I wanted to know where one could get the info on a unit's attack speed? We can readily read in-game a unit's HP, attack value, RPS type, and movement speed on map, but where's the unit's attack speed? I would like to have some stats for balancing purposes.

Thanks for any help :)

Re: Unit attack speed

Posted: 14 Oct 2020, 14:47
by Dr.MonaLisa
I wouldn't recommend to focus on the unique units values, as it depends on many factors, costs. Some unique units are also overpowered (like Spahi in epoch 1), but that's how it was in EE2 originally, and we should not open the Pandora's box.

In UP1.5 those speed values are available in files:

Enabled 1.5 Units: zips\\db\upgrade_unittype5.csv
Disabled 1.5 Units: zips\\db\upgrade_unittype6.csv

Enabled 1.5 Units: zips_ee2x\\EE2X_db\TechTree\upgrade_unittype5.csv
Disabled 1.5 Units: zips_ee2x\\EE2X_db\TechTree\upgrade_unittype6.csv

Re: Unit attack speed

Posted: 14 Oct 2020, 15:06
by Sat42
Thank you for the info Mona!

You make good sense too - indeed balance is more than just a unit's values, for example I realise that in a typical "build and destroy" scenario the Romans would have the advantage of 25 % cheaper barracks compared to the Greeks, and on top of that the Hoplite is quite a bit more expensive than the Legionnaire.

Thanks again!

EDIT: it's awesome to check all the parameters - indeed I can confirm that the Legionnaire attacks every 1.5 seconds (equal to the standard attack rate for Epoch 1-5 generic Heavy Infantry) against an attack rate of 1 second for the Hoplite; also the Legionnaire - besides being cheaper than the Hoplite - only takes 35 seconds to train against 40 seconds for the Hoplite. So I guess for standard skirmish "build and destroy" scenarios, this is balanced.